Thursday, February 25, 2010

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by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

There's a big hullabaloo today about the logo of the US Missile Defense Agency. (Who knew the US had a missile defense agency?) It visually appears to be a take off from the Obama campaign logo and/or an Islamic crescent + star. It also looks like something that you'd find in an 80's science fiction movie, but that's besides the point.

So people are upset. Is this an agency trying to please the administration, or has the US Logo Development Agency been infiltrated by Obama appointed muslim graphics artists?

Frankly, either point is irrelevant. Government agencies pandering to the administration is nothing new, and the administration is exercising it's normal power in making government appointments. And the Logo Agency isn't going to be doing any serious harm (those with particularly good taste may disagree, but us unwashed masses are unlikely to notice).

While still within it's rights of appointment, people should be paying attention to the Obama administration's appointment of extreme liberals, islamic terrorism supporters, and unskilled campaign supporters to key government positions (example, example, example).

When Bill Clinton became president there had been 12 years of Republican administration. One would have thought he'd have no choice but to staff his administration with inexperienced Democrats. Surprisingly, and smartly, he reached back to what had been junior members of the previous Democratic administration 12 years earlier, but had become experienced politicians and administrators in the meantime...members of the Carter administration. No, they weren't all that great but they were experienced.

The Obama administration has indeed kept with their campaign theme 'change'. Inexperienced, corrupt, extremist appointments abound in critical departments such as the Department of Justice, the intelligence bureaus, and the Department of Defense. This is where you should be paying attention to government actions.

What can you do about it? Express your concern to your Senator. Better yet, support GOP senators to provide some counter pressure. Not because the GOP is so wonderful (IMHO they still haven't got their act together after their loss) but because an administration with no need for opposition compromise becomes a dangerously effective demagogue - and THIS administration STARTED that way from day one and is only headed worse.

Alternatively, you could come to Israel where every voice has a much greater impact.

Thank G-d there's still time to donate! Check out our video 'Meet the Needy for Purim' and donate here.


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