Saturday, February 20, 2010


The Rebbe on Non-Jewish Techniques

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

For those following our discussion on Yoga and other similar Eastern techniques, here's the Lubavitcher Rebbe's words on the matter. Those in the religious community often quote the LAST few sentences the Rebbe says (which is kosher versions should be developed) without quoting the previous ones (which is ONLY for those who are trapped deeply in such practices, and ONLY by those who are experts in Jewish law and the details of avodah zarah, and ONLY for those who qualify literally as ILL in need of such a treatment)...

Oh, and the Rebbe says people creating things such as general classes in Kaballah Mediation are creating IDOL WORSHIP for the Jewish community.


Menashe said...

I watched the video and I don't see where you are getting that the Rebbe permits this for only those that are already involved in a more harmful form of mediation.

Yes, he says to see a mumche in the halachos of a"z and a mumche in these practices but where is that other qualification?

Akiva said...

Time stamp 5:08, "only for use (the kosher-ized versions) by an unhealthy person (one who is trapped in such practices and needs a path out)"

yaakov said...

thanks so much for posting this.
i wonder if the rebbe would have 'okayed' people using simple breathing and visualizaton of tranquil natural places for the purpose of quieting the mind, the self...would he have said this is okay?

Menashe said...

(one who is trapped in such practices and needs a path out)

This is your interpretation and I've got to be honest I don't see this in the Rebbe's words. He says the first condition is that the person be unhealthy. My interpretation: This could be physical or emotional. The Rebbe's own words: "Included AMONG those people are those that feel they cannot function without meditation."

Where do you get from this that a frum jew cannot use meditation for healing purposes?

Akiva said...

I didn't say a Jew can't use meditation for health reasons. If it fits the Rebbe's qualifications, that the form of meditation is kosher, as reviewed by a suitable expert in such things, and a person needs it for health reasons as determined by a health professional who the prescribes the right amount and uses it as a treatment, then use it.

However, as we've reviewed extensively on this blog, kosher forms of Eastern practices that include meditations are at the very least somewhat problematic. As such they should be used with great care only for those in great need.

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