Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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Meet the Needy for Purim

On Purim it is the duty of everyone to send no less than two gifts (of food) to one of his friends...the more gifts one sends to his friends, the more praiseworthy one is. Nevertheless, it is better to give charity to the needy than to make a great feast and to send gifts to one's friends.

There is no greater joy and no more glorious deed before the Holy One, Blessed be He, than gladdening the hearts of those in need, orphans and widows. He who gladdens the hears of these unfortunates is likened to the Divine Presence...

Whoever puts out his hand and begs should be given... If one lives in a community where there are no poor people...one should send it to some needy...
Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, 142:1-3

Let us be your agent to help the poor of Israel, with no overhead! Helping the poor of Israel is considered equal to helping the poor of your own community. See the video below and meet Anat, one of our poor asking for your help.

You can fulfill the mitzvah of Matanot L'evyonim with us in Israel until Feb. 28 4:00 AM EST, 11:00 AM GMT, or 1:00 PM IST. (After that you still get the mitzvah of charity but not Matanos L'Evyonim.)

Donate Charity for Purim:

BTW, if you'd like to enhance our Purim personally (see 2nd video below), you can Tip the Bloggers here...

Tip the Bloggers for Purim:

Meet the Needy Video - Direct Link
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The Gift Is His said...

We came back to Israel to visit just a week and a half ago. We where met by our relatives at Ben Gurion, as we hugged and reunited a reb who happened to be from Beit Shemesh asked for money for Purim for the ones in need. One of my relatives told him to leave us alone as we just arrived and have no money. Well, actually I had kept some shekalim when we left before. I was actually very happy to give all I had at the time to him. This was the first time that someone approached me at the airport. As much as I disagree with the derech that the ultra's have created, I was extreemly happy that he did come to me. Because of his humility. This was from haShem. He gave a blessing not only for me, but for all of haShems Children. I truly hope, as much as I have been irratated by the very poor midot here, to being p''d off while at the kotel from the black hat's and their shtick of which I confronted, that haShem redeems us this Purim. If not, we seem to be still very close if the 'rabbi's' provide the key to unlock the door. If they truly care about Israel, the Jewish people, they will do so, even though they will loose their beloved power.

Purim Sameach


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