Friday, February 19, 2010


First Do Your Own Tikun then Worry About Others

(Yeshiva World News) Two avreichim presented themselves to Maran Hagon Rav Aaron Leib Shteinman Shlita (one of the leading authorities in the Torah world, based in Israel) in the Rav’s home on Sunday, explaining their pain over the deterioration in the standard of tznius (women's modesty in dress and action). The Rav listened attentively then sharing a story with them.

“In my youth, the Chafetz Chaim zt”l was pained by the deterioration in a number of areas, traveling from city to city and country to country (talking to people). When he realized he was not having an impact, he decided to focus on the area in which he lives. “Unfortunately, this mission was unsuccessful as well. The Chafetz Chaim then focused his activities in his city, Radin. When this did not succeed, he decided to focus his efforts on his family, and once again, he emerged disappointed.

“Afterwards, the Chafetz Chaim began delving into musar sefarim. ‘At the very least I will fix myself’ he decided. After a period of time, the Chafetz Chaim realized just how much he had erred, explaining only after he did his own tikun did he realize the generation is fine and he no longer sees any blemish”.

“First fix yourselves” stated R’ Shteinman, then, make certain everything is just the way it should be. There is no room [today] for additional needless gezeiros and takonos” (public restrictions and extra protective prohibitions).


Anonymous said...

But can we not do our own correction BY worrying about others, so to speak?

Yosef Greenberg said...

No you can't, anon.

Sorry, gotta work on yourself.

ChaimJ said...

very nice

s said...

When we work on ourself, it spills over to others, thereby helping both of us

Anonymous said...

But, Yosef G., that you tell me to fix myself, isn't that an indication that there's something YOU yourself should work on? How else do you see my blemish?
I also think it's the easy way out to only concentrate on ME, which is why i suggested what i did. We are all connected, and it's BETWEEN us that G-d can be revealed, isn't it? Or do you think otherwise?

yaakov said...

this wise statement makes for shalom bayis (peace in the home) for the whole world.

Yosef Greenberg said...


I thought you might say that. What I meant was that your view is incorrect, not that there's something wrong with you.

But its no indication that that there's something that I have to work on myself. (Besh't notwithstanding.)

Your final premise might be true, but the path to that is not neccesarily by worrying about others AS OPPOSED to working on oneself.

Anonymous said...

Worry is also Care.
And i agree it's not either/or, one OR the other.

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