Thursday, February 11, 2010


Emergency E.D.S. Alert

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

The governments of the world and the United Nations and the World Health Organization announced today that there is a pandemic of global proportion.

The G12 has admitted today "That it has been spending trillions of dollars in an effort to control and contain this terrorizing threat." With no success at all, in fact we have only exacerbated the outbreak”.

A spokesman for the W.H.O. was quoted as saying "we do not even understand where to begin". Medical researchers at many of the world’s leading universities are working around the clock to find a solution, so far to no avail.

Reports are coming in from around the world of chaos and confusion as people are dying needlessly. We are told that the symptoms are many and varied, with anxiety and stress being seen among the majority of victims. There is an overwhelming feeling of fear and mistrust that accompanies most.

The rampant and rapid spread of the disease is out of control and the diagnosis is compounded by its AIDS like transmutable ability and the fact that it's as infectious as flu. "We are faced with the single most deadly disease since the Black Plague", one official said. "Medical science is frankly at a loss", "We just do not know what do to" commented a professor from the Red Cross in Geneva. "We are hearing reports from every continent around the globe, there does not seem to be any place that has not been affected." (World News Network)

As people around the world are hit by it's deadly effects, we are just understanding that this is a congenital disease and very contagious. Nine out of ten people are suffering with this. It is very possible that you or someone you know is infected.

...Wait a minute this just in off the wire...

It was announced today in Israel that there has been a break through. We are happy to announce that we here at Yesh Ma L'asot Yeshiva have met with experts today that tell us that after 6,000 years of research there is hope for Emunah Deficiency Syndrome.

"We here in Israel understand the disease and are working to contain it. There is hope!" said the leading professor of the institution. "There seems to be one therapy that works on most cases. We have seen improvements in almost every case that has been brought to us. For those who adhere to the therapy, even those who are terminal, can recover from the this devastating affliction".

"It is in our hope that we can spread the news of this cure. We are in possession of hundreds case histories. The clinical trials have shown over the last 4,000 years that it works 100% on everyone who has taken the therapy. There has been no know side effects to the treatment, except for a joyful stress free life.

In the last 200 years there has been the greatest of all advances in treatment of this traumatic plague. We have seen in case studies that there are those who have fully recovered from the effects of this scourge.

We are giving therapy free of charge at our center in Beit Shemesh, Israel. Come and receive your free treatment for this Emunah Deficiency Syndrome. Donations are accepted to help others.

Therapy is being conducted Sunday through Thursday 9am till 3pm in English at the Yeshiva Yesh Ma L’asot. For those not in Israel, treatment will be online on Wednesday from 2pm until 4pm, Radio Yesh Ma L’asot Live.

Many are finding help through Emunah Therapy and even fully reversing the effects of E.D.S.


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excellent post!
please let people know where to tune in online.

Lvnsm27 said...

you got me :)

The cure is to be reassured that Hashem is with us always

RebNati said...

I was just trying to make the point that the Biggest problem in the world is lack of faith in Hashem!

Blessings and be happy!

RebNati said...

Here at this url
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