Tuesday, February 16, 2010



by Reb Nati Mystical Paths

We can bypass all this!


Can not you feel it? Sense it?

I believe that we can avoid all this, all this emotional energy and feeling could be directed to the correct place.

If we do complete 100% teshuvah and focus on the truth. By doing so we come to realize that "He and His Name are One!" Then we can say just one "kriyat Shema" with the same feeling and concentration and energy that we have here today (in our arguments about yoga)!

Wow! Where would "it" all be? We could m'vatel all the paganism in ourselves. Then the klipa would expode like the starving homeless child that it is!

We would thus break the power of "all this" at it's root cause! US!

Let's stay focused upon the good and the truth. To even focus on anything else than coming closer to Hashem at this time is a waste of time! We are given a hint in Shmos 2:23. But you must know that it is in reverse order this time. In Shmos it's the order of how Hashem redeemed us from Mitzrayim, but now it is us that initiate (an arousal from below bringing an arousal from above) and (therefore) in the opposite order!

WE have to "Hear" His call, that He wants to and is willing to redeem us! If we would to keep the most basic of Torah Truths "To have no other g-d's before Me!" Hard, for it means bye bye to the belief that "I know something", letting go of the ego.

"To Remember Our Brit, Our covenant with Hashem", to serve Him. Just as we are committed to His service for He redeemed us!

See where we are holding, see it in truth! From this the picture on the previous yoga post it is clear where are "at the last gate", the 50th. We are rapidly approaching the point of no return. A line in which if we choose to cross it we will really come to know what evil is, Hashem forbid.

Finally come to KNOW that it is Time! Remember, it starts with the know! To have Emunah that He will redeem us! It only takes five minutes a day and just talk to Hashem about this problem and all the others of Am Israel and the world. Please!


Yonatan said...

Of course we feel it! Its a very frustrating time and at the same time a very exciting time. There are so many things that happen in your day that are seemingly of no value. Yet, they are of great value - the upcoming holiday of Purim highlights the way that perceived bad things are exactly the way that Hashem crafted the good things that followed. The bad was the good...We took the whole of the Torah upon ourselves while Hashem was hidden in plain view.

When we fully awake, we will realize that we will have been like dreamers!

Nice post Reb Nati. Yasher Koach!

Anonymous said...

thanks for your heartfelt and informative post. one suggestion: the image of a homeless child exploding does more harm than good. maybe more like a dark curtain being removed, perhaps? we have to strengthen am yisrael with ahavat Hashem!

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