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The "Mitzvah" of Drinking on Purim?

by Rav Nati at Mystical Paths

The Inyan of Purim, is it the drinking or is it getting drunk? Maybe we are not keeping the mitzvot of Purim at all, or at least not correctly? This is a shaylah mamash!

We know that Chazal commanded us to drink ad hu loyadaah...b'kedusha (until he doesn't know, in holiness)! If a person will Hashem forbid commit a sin, i.e. He forgets to say al mikra or borei nefoshos, or Hashem forbid to say about another Jew something not good, then he is forbidden to drink at all! And for those who are sure that they can not drink b'Kedusha (in holiness) should drink a little wine and go to sleep! To do more is to cause more of a pagam (a defect)! These are the words of the sages.

In the name of the holy Rebbe of Zitoshev..."If a person drinks wine on Purim the way he is commanded it is the same as if he fasted twice from Shabbos to Shabbos!" How great this mitzvah is!

BUT there is no Mitzvah except on wine! There is no mitzvah to drink vodka or whiskey or scotch or brandy or arak. To drink, until "ad" you can't tell the difference in yourself between the klipah of 'Haman/Amalek' and the holiness of Tzaddik 'Baruch Mordechai HaYehudi.'

Reb Noson (of Breslov) writes (Likutey Halachot Chozen Mishpat Oseh Shaliach L'kebel Hovo ot gimel). "When a person drinks wine b'kedusha, he is able to completely subjugate the klipa of Haman HaAmalek. And to drink much much wine on Purim b'kedusha is a tikun haBrit".

Rebbe Nachman said to only drink much wine on Purim "the drinking of wine on Purim is a tikun haBrit!". In Rebbenu Nachman's time his talmidim used to shout for another "glass of wine!" The Anash would shout 'give us more tikun haBrit!'. Rebbenu said "And we can fix all the pagamim of the whole year on Purim drinking b'Kedusha! But we know that many go on to cause terrible pagamim. This is the majority of us! We end up causing much pain and suffering to the Shechinah."

Chazal tells us that when a person drinks wine b'kedusha he will become the Rosh and gain Holy Daat. He loses 'his' mind and gains the mind of the 'Holy Tzaddik'. But if he fails to drink B'kedusha he will become a Rash 'he will only make noise', he will cry over becoming poor. He will lose all his kedusha (Gemora Yoma). He will Mamash become a poor person because he forgets all the mitzvot that Moshe rebbenu taught us from Har Sinai. So this person is 'Lo dafka' he does not fulfill his obligation.

The mitzvah is on wine alone! There is a strict issur! And it is in the strongest of terms! Further, it is forbidden for women to drink and to become drunk at all! Those with wisdom understand.

Reb Noson writes (Likutey Halchot hilchos tefillin ot vav) "With wine there is the level of techias hamesim 'the resurection of the dead'. One can have a tremendous spiritual awakening from his slumber. He attains holy daas and can reach very high levels by drinking of wine on Purim. This called 'yain hasameach', wine that brings joy.

But on the other side if he drinks Lo B'Kedush it is called ha 'yain shel shainah', wine that makes you sleep, which is the opposite of daas and is the side of death chas v'shalom."

The drinking B'kedusha is that which causes an awakening of deep internal contemplation, an examination to know where he is really holding. Instead of being o'ver mitzvot and causing chilul Hashem of drunken stupidity chas v'shalom.

Baruch Hashem! We have had the zchut to learn by experience that when a person prepares himself properly before drinking wine on Purim he merits to drink b'kedusha and to be the Rosh. And this is prayer!

There is a special nusach of prayer to say before drinking wine on Purim, to prepare b'kedusah. G-d willing we'll be able to scan and upload this before Purim.

A person should check himself to know if he can drink. If he can't and can't do so properly b'kedusah then he should hold by the shita of the Rema, which was to drink a little and go to sleep, thus fulfilling the 'Lo yadeah'.

The mitzvah is only on wine, why? Because the whole miracle was on wine "when the heart of the king was merry with wine". All other drinks, intoxicants and drugs are forbidden! (So by the way is the Purim cigarette, which introduces many a young boy to smoking.)

This one drinks more and that one drinks less. It doesn't matter how much we drink, it is only important to only drink l'shem shamayim and l'shem hamitzvah!

May we merit to receive Purim b'Kedusha and to totally wipe out the memory of Haman and Amalek from ourselves and and from the world. And may we come to true Daas and to wake from our slumber and through this merit to receive the geula mamash now!

Purim Samayach. A happy and SAFE Purim to all our readers.


yaakov said...

excellent post thank you so much for explaining drinking b'kedusha

ChaimJ said...

women are not required to drink this much and a cup or less is sufficient (Rivivos Ephraim Vol. 1-458, Moadim U’Zmanim Vol. 2-190).

ChaimJ said...

Furthermore, I know you guys are opinionated but making your own gezeras or fences around the halacha is not appropriate nor is a platform of fear.

Most poskim including Rav Moshe Feinstein hold that since the Shulchan Aruch does not mention specifically wine the mitzva does not require wine and any kind of alcohol is fine.

Some want to say that Rashi and the Rokeach do specifically mention wine and therefore they hold that you should drink wine.

The His'orirus Hatshuva says that the reason why we should drink wine is because the aveira of partaking in Seudas Achashveirosh was with wine and the Seudah where the Nes happened also was with wine.

Rav Moshe Shternbuch in Moadim U'Zemanim suggests having a glass of wine at the seudah and after that drinking whatever beverage you prefer.

JackTheMan18 said...

But why do we drink in the first place? The reason (according to the Kizur Shulchan Aruch) is because the entire story of Purim revolves around wine, specifically:
1. The festival of wine which brought Esther to be Queen.
2. The festival of wine which brought down Haman's decrees.
Since the reasons we drink involve wine, it only makes sense to drink wine!

ChaimJ said...

Firstly there was probably only wine and beer in those areas at the time. For sure at the big kings party everything possible was available.

The fact it mentions wine could be because the Jews may have had non-kosher wine (or davka kosher) depending on the opinion.

Esther's party only had wine because it was Pesach and she could not have other alcohol nor any bread for an actual seudah hence the wine party.

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