Sunday, February 21, 2010

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Charity for the Poor this Purim

It is a great and obligatory mitzvah to provide for the poor for the holiday of Purim. Purim this year falls out this coming Motzei Shabbat, Sunday.

We take it upon ourselves to do what we can to help the poor of Israel. Just two guys with no overhead, no staff to pay, no advertising to pay for - every single dollar/shekel/euro/rand/rubel donated goes directly into the hands of those in (serious) need.

Please donate to help us provide for the poor. You can fulfill the mitzvah of Matanot L'evyonim this way, until Feb. 28 4:00 AM EST, 11:00 AM GMT, or 1:00 PM IST. After that you still get the mitzvah of tzedakah (charity) but not Matanos L'Evyonim. Fulfilling the mitzvah with the poor of Israel is considered and required as the poor of your own city.

Donate Charity for Purim:

BTW, if you'd like to enhance our Purim personally, you can Tip the Bloggers here...

Tip the Bloggers for Purim:

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Neshama said...

I must tell you that after we did Havdala and before Melava Malka, the doorbell rings. I answer and it is someone who needs wine to make Havdalah. Well, my husband goes down and brings up this chassid from RAMAT BEIT SHEMESH, and he needs to make Havdalah so we accommodate him. Then we learn that he is collecting for his child that needs an operation. My heart sank. So immediately i emptied the tzadaka boxes for him.
Shavua Tov
Well, I started blabbing in Ivrit asking questions, but of course I don't know your family name so I couldn't send 'dash'. So, this will have to do!

Couldn't figure how of everyone on the block (he davened by the Stetchiner Rebbe, who visits Israel in the summer) he chose our bell to ring? Oh well, its Moshe Rabbeinu's birthday and yahrzeit, and Purim is coming, so go must be min ha Shamayim! B"H

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