Thursday, December 17, 2009


Still More on Visiting Har HaBayit

Our friend Rabbi Lazer Brody of Lazer Beams wrote today,

"who froze the building in Judea and Samaria? The US Government? The European Union? The Israeli government? Wrong! Hashem froze the building; The Building Freeze is surely a harsh judgment, but within the cloud is a silver lining. Hashem is obviously not letting us build our homes, because we're not doing enough to build His home, the Beit Hamikdash. How do we do that? We strengthen our emuna and return to Hashem - it's that simple."

And a commentor on the video of Rabbi Brand promoting visiting Har HaBayit wrote,

"regarding this video: it is misleading. okay, so they got a frum rav to go up, so what? the guy picks a leaf off a tree. what is that supposed to be? it makes us look bad. as reb gutman stated and quoted in the first piece, the majority opinion is to not go up. i don't see why posting this video is helping anything, except creating tension and maybe confusion. those who advocate going up are not only creating halachic issues but also creating more tension with our enemies, inciting them to more violence. this we need? i think there should be a video that counters this video to show the emes!!!"

...So lets put these two thoughts together. Dear commentor, if you strengthen your emuna and return to Hashem, then a video that counters and shows the emes (according to you) will...appear?

Our esteemed colleague Rabbi Brody could sit in his home in Israel and pray and have emunah that people will do teshuva and return to Hashem. He could pray and have emunah that people will learn the holy thoughts of his teacher, Rabbi Shalom Arush, shlita, directly from the Torah. Or he could AND DOES go out and teach Torah, give classes, and travel around the world to share the path to Hashem. He could AND DOES work hard to translate Rabbi Arush's teachings from Hebrew to English, so people can access them directly and easily.

Our commentor can think there should be a video that 'counters and shows the emes', or he can make one (or encourage someone else to, or pay someone else to, or find one and share it).

The Lubavitcher Rebbe could have sat in 770 with his chassidim and prayed and had emunah that Jews dispersed throughout the world would reconnect with Hashem, learn of Torah and figure out how to do mitzvot. Or he could AND DID send his chassidim to virtually every community in the world with Jews to teach them Torah, teach them how to do mitzvot and live as Jews.

This is still the physical world. Thought, speech, and deed. I can meditate on the light of Chanukah, and there's value in that. I can speak of the miracles of Chanukah, and there's value in that. But until we light the lights, there is no light of Chanukah (no matter how much I meditate upon it or speak about it.)


  1. The difference is that there is no current chiyuv nor mitzvah to go up. So any material benefit by drawing down G-dliness by doing a physical act you think you are doing is in your immagination only - especially as most gedolim say it is assur.

    In this case the meditations may actually be better, to improve the situation in Shomayim in order to change it down here to ALLOW that G-dliness to flow below.

  2. I heard a brilliant shiur this week concerning our Yosef Hatzddik.

    We know he spent two extra years in jail because of his apparent lack of emunah. Yosef Hatzaddik- lack of emunah?!?!?

    Each person is judged separately. Yosef was at such a high level of emunah, that he did not need that redundant hishtadlut / reminder to the minister. Most of us on the other hand, have a higher requirement ratio of hishtadlut:emunah.

    And there is one thing to expect Hashem to perform miracles, it is only for us to give Him to opening for that.

    Another nice shiur I heard recently was about what type of Hassidim were in the temple after we beat the Greeks. The conflict was whether to wait a week until new oil could be made to light the menora and keep it lit, take a chance and use the oil for one day, or decide to ration the oil each day to stretch it out.
    Apparently, it was Breslover hassidim. They were so happy to have some kosher oil (after years of no menora lighting) that they decided to light that one day. Hashem saw their happiness and hishtadlut and then made His miracle.

  3. p.s. on the other hand...

    We have a chiyuv to keep every inch of Eretz Yisroel in Jewish hands and settle it all.. no matter what it takes or who gets upset or offended.

  4. Reb Gutman,

    I really don't get it. although I have never been up to Har Habayit myself, I know people who have and say it's kosher. They have showed me the geometrical configurations of the possibilities where the kodesh kedoshim could be and how they are particular to guard themselves from entering any area that could be.

    One common question I hear from those who hold with the rabonim who say it is forbidden is what if the Even hayesod was moved? well what if? would the whole world move along with it?

    Why can't we follow the view of our rabonim who appose ascent, while having enough space in our hearts to accept the wold view of those who say it is permissible?

  5. Anonymous: a name would be nice..

    People are free to do what they want and follow the psak of their own Rav... the love for a fellow Jew should and is broad enough to except differences in avoda or different halachic rulings. This was never the question. Many examples in the talmuds of this....

  6. Most people who believe in going up do so as a way of exerting our right to the area. If Jews don't go while Arabs are there all the time, eventually people would say we do not have as strong a connection to the place as the Arabs so they deserve to have it. What I don't understand is why those who believe Jews should not go up and know the halacha that gentiles are also forbidden...why did they never agitate to keep everyone off the mount?

  7. Devash: you make a good point but keeping everyone off the mount is politically impractical although 100% correct... We live still in Galus even in Eretz Yisroel.


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