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On Freezes and Jerusalem

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

My path took me to Jerusalem last night. Entering the holy city, I drove down the valley past Ramot and Ramat Shlomo, passed along the seam line, along Yemin Moshe, into Rechavia. I entered an office that still has steel shutters on the windows and doors to keep out the marauders.

When I completed my appointment, I traveled to Malcha Mall to grab a slice of pizza. As I benched (said birkat hamazon, blessings after a meal), I said "And rebuild Jerusalem the holy city speedily in our days. Blessed are You Lord, who in His mercy rebuilds Jerusalem. Amein."

I headed home going 2 lights to Gilo, and through Gilo to Derech Hevron, 60% of my time spent passing neighborhoods of Jerusalem - EMPTY hills of 30, 40, or 50 years ago, that the world calls "not Jewish Jerusalem".

Several people have asked me, "Can you comment on the "freeze", can you comment on the EU and Jerusalem, can you comment on (spiritually) what's going on?"

The Arabs have been attacking the Jews from the day the Jews started to return (and even before). They would work for the Jew by day, then steal, kidnap, and attack him by night. This never made sense and has always been a spiritual battle.

In 1948, the blessings of Hashem and the full dedication of Jews who had literally nowhere else to go survived a genocidal attack by ALL surrounding countries to push the Jews into the sea. And they began building a country, with blood, sweat, and all their efforts. They were attacked again and again, battered from their neighbors (shelled from one border, raided from others) and strangled by the world powers (who boycotted weapons sales and trading of various types). Yet the ultimate world power, HaKodesh Baruch Hu, continued to pour blessings and miracles and the country grew and prospered, almost in spite of itself (or in spite of the leadership).

In '67 and again in '72, the Arabs tried again to destroy Israel by force of arms. In '67 they lost with clear miracle after miracle leading Israel to victory. In '72, when Israel stood and declared her strength, she learned otherwise as the arms were crushed, the leaders made fools of, but still the country survived by miracle.

Israel grew strong and the Arabs despaired. The G-d of the Jews was making a fool of them, staining their honor. Nothing could be worse.

They lost at force oand now faced an enemy who appears dangerously strong. So, willing to pass their children through the fires of Moloch, they embarked on a path to demoralize the Jews and destabilize the country. To sap their faith and their strength through horror after inhuman unimaginable horror.

It almost succeeded. Secular Zionism fell to those flames and a spirit of despair invaded the land.

But the unseen hand of Hashem was at work. The massive Russian immigration brought to offset the ultra-orthodox birthrate infused the land with highly skilled people driving to benefit from those skills. A people from a land that wasn't Western who were ready to stand up and say "enough of that". Driven by new and unexpected internal political forces, Israel began to take forceful action in response to the horror of frequent terrorism, as well as changing their economy driven by a people who already knew the worst of socialism.

Arab workers were fired, attacks fell. They were walled off, attacks fell. Terrorist leaders were targeted and killed, attacks fell. The horrors faded as the new Russian Israelis brought their drive (and skills) for a decent life to the land.

And the Arabs despaired. Direct force appears to no longer be a viable option (which doesn't stop a few from trying again and again). Inhuman horrific terrorism is no longer successful (much). They cannot win by muscle, they cannot win by brain. What's left?

It's time to go for the heart. The Arabs do not care for Har HaBayit (the Temple Mount, what gained a new name in the last 10 years of Al Quds), they care to keep it from the Jews (historical proof available on request). They do not care for Israel, they care to keep it from the Jews.

Through political manipulation, PR and image generation (the best Saudi money can buy), they've convinced the world that Israel and Jerusalem is theirs. The holy books of the West say Israel, and especially Jerusalem, is ours - doesn't matter. History says Israel and Jerusalem is ours - doesn't matter. International law doesn't matter, declarations and annexations don't matter.

The story is told, the WORLD is coming to take Jerusalem from the Jews.

EXACTLY ... AS ... WRITTEN ... IN ... THE ... HOLY ... WORDS ... OF ... THE ... PROPHETS.

They will come, as we were told they would. The righteousness or legality of the situation is irrelevant. They have killed us in body, but we are still here. Yet the battle has always been over the SOUL of the Jewish people.

We cannot divide ourselves from Israel, and the heart of Israel is Jerusalem. And you're seeing the world come for it IN YOUR DAYS. It will be a cup of poison for the nations, as their copies of our holy prophets says. But they don't believe it.

Netanyahu is not a fool. He has started the process of the expulsion of 200,000 from the Shomron (West Bank), the "lungs" of Israel - against his political support, against his party, against the national consensus. If he is not a fool, and it's not his political direction...why?

There is only one possible answer. The existential threat of nuclear annihilation of Israel and the deaths of millions of his people is the ONLY leverage that could make him turn so. He is trading part of Israel and Jerusalem for the survival of Israel at all.

Watch for a US supported Israeli strike upon Iran very soon.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem...the time of the biblical prophecies is right before us.


  1. so will israel attack iran during last day canukah
    december 18

  2. I like everything you wrote except this:
    The existential threat of nuclear annihilation of Israel and the deaths of millions of his people is the ONLY leverage that could make him turn so. He is trading part of Israel and Jerusalem for the survival of Israel at all."
    au contraire ... of little emuna...I believe having them stay in the Shomron and Yehuda will insure the land and the people. Hashem can do anything. During the skuds, they fell and no one was injured or killed - only the 'inanimate' the 'domem' was damaged. Yiddin are "higher than medaber".

    Moshiach will come ... at the right time.

  3. Akiva, thanks for the posting. Do you think it was the Arab nations who have threatened Bibi with annihilation, the muslim heading the WhiteHouse, or is it haShem forcing to bring them against us and Bibi is just another puppet in the movie?

    Even the planet situation which I am sure the major Kabbalists are aware shows a very rough time for Israel, then a break with something positive, then another rough time which begins at the end of Chanukah.

    All the best, again great article.


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