Thursday, December 10, 2009


Kfar Chabad gets ready for Chanukah

Photos by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

I was briefly in Kfar Chabad today. Kfar Chabad is a rural village of Chabad chassidim that's a few miles down the road from Lod, up the road from Tel Aviv, and practically next to Ben Gurion airport...

The replica of Chabad world headquarters, 770, has a huge menorah sculpture on the roof.
Kfar Chabad gets ready for Chanukah

Car menorahs are being installed, and shipped around Israel. A few sets are still available at the nationwide large-menorah shipping center inside, which includes barrel drums of olive oil and oil-torch heads for large public menorahs.
Kfar Chabad gets ready for Chanukah

Menorahs like this, some electric some oil based (interchangeable light styles available inside), go up around the country at all major intersections and town entrances. Most sponsored by the local Chabad house.
Kfar Chabad gets ready for Chanukah

770 Kfar Chabad. Brooklyn architecture a bit out of place in an Israeli village (but definitely NOT the strangest architecture situation in Israel).
Kfar Chabad gets ready for Chanukah

The towers of Tel Aviv in the distance, behind the rooftops of the more suburban side of Kfar Chabad.
Kfar Chabad gets ready for Chanukah

Israel is a study in contrasts. City centers 15 minutes outside farming villages such as Kfar Chabad is a good example.

Chanukah Samayach, Happy Chanukah from the Holy Land.


Shiloh said...

The local Chabad house lights the Menorah at the gov't buildings here. It will be a balmy -35.

Chanukah Sameach.

Akiva said...

Ouch, -35 ! Stay warm!

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