Thursday, December 24, 2009


I Broke The Law!

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

It was a few minutes after sundown when a platoon of soldiers swamped the tefillin stand at the Kotel. They wanted to put on tefillin, and of course, we wanted to help them. But, we had a problem: You are not supposed to put on tefillin after dark. And, if for some reason you do put them on at night, you certainly do not say the blessing. Putting on tefillin is a daytime mitzvah, and when you do not do a mitzvah in its proper time, you do not say the blessing. As it turned out, the soldiers were putting on tefillin at night, and they were saying the blessing!

There must have been 30 of them, and even though we were working as quickly as we could, it was well past the time for this mitzvah.

A rabbi walked by and scornfully reminded me that by helping them to put on tefillin and say the blessing after dark, I was transgressing halacha (Jewish law).

“I know,” I said, “but the mitzvah guards their life. What can I do?”

He nodded his head in reluctant agreement. Would anyone withhold this protection from them?!

Why do some of us, like these soldiers, push aside anything in their way in order to do a mitzvah, while others of us do not even want to roll out of bed to do one?


  1. What divine protection? The gemara (Succah 30a) says that a stolen lulav is invalid for the fulfillment of the mitzvah. Why? Because, explains the gemara, you cannot fulfill a mitzvah through committing an avera.

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  3. Sounds like there's a big demand for "civilians" to go to soldier's bases and offer tefilin. Thanks, it was heart-warming to read this, Baruch Hashem.

  4. I am aware that men don't put tefillin on at night, but where exactly does it say that in the Torah? How do we know?
    Just curious....

  5. These men and boys are thirsting for something from Hashem to help them when the receive "those orders" that pit them Jew vs Jew. My heart goes out to them in their inner struggles.

  6. I appreciate the spirit but can't approve of this. [Not that you asked..]

    Not only are these brochos all lvatala, the Shulchan Oruch HaRav paskens that putting on tefillin after shkiah "aino klum" if I remember correctly. No brocha and no mitzvah. You can't play games with shulchan oruch.

  7. Neshama is right. It's a terrible thing that these young innocent boys have to go to war at all, and not just our boys, ANY boys from all over the world.
    If putting on the tefillin and saying the bracha made them feel better (and I'm sure that it did), it was a good thing, and hopefully gave them a lot of chizuk.

  8. Better the poor wise child than the old foolish king, no? Better late than never, no?

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  10. Theres a different bechina by those who dont know halacha bichlall.

    The love these kids showed for the mitzvah is probably more precious to hashem than all these lamdanim putting on tefillin.

    If you cant help them to connect to mitzvot from whatever starting point they can, then.. lets just say its a good thing you are the one doing kiruv.

    The goal is to restore tziyoyn, the goal of what EVERY action we take, mitzvah or not, should be.

    Anyone ever hear of shelo lishma ba lishma? Tehillim work the same way saying "Nanach" works. Thats how tefillah works! Its just an "amulet" to help you fix your awareness of hashem. Unless of course you make an avoda zara out of the sounds of the tehillim (thats why shimush tehillim, or "biblomancy" is so wrong). You all need to learn to "be wise with understanding instead of just understanding wisdom."

    I fear that those who have commented against, are not doing their limud lishma.

    We even see that there ARE cases where one can done tefillin at night, such as in danger. Its pretty dangerous that they only have the opportunity to put it on when they are by the Kotel.

    Nekudot Tovot everybody.

    Props on posting this, to help people to wake up.

  11. @Devorah

    Violating an issur is trangressing Hashem's will. Since when is it a good thing to trangress Hashem's will?

    That sort of thinking is a hallmark of deviant movements, not Torah.

  12. Theres a time and a place for everything under heaven.

  13. To the opposers:
    Torah is knowing when its appropriate to not follow halacha. Are you mevatel to the shulchan oruch, or are you mevatel to Hashem? How do you know this doesnt make Hashem happy?
    You would dare tell a platoon of soldires that they cannot put on tefillin???

    If you cant even see that you might be wrong, than you cant be said to be speaking emes, as there is an exception for EVERYTHING that isn't chok v'lo yaavor, and even then, to save all of Am Yisrael (Purim), there is.

  14. We should all do our best not to deviate from the shulchan aruch. If and when it happens, it is from Hashem, and we just have to have simple emunah and know that we did our best.

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  16. As we get closer to the geulah, Emet (not Emes) will overpower the lies. The house of cards will crumble and many religionists will have a hard time accepting it. This is one reason why the Charedim want to censor the internet. This is why they want to censor anyone who goes against their status quo. Not because what they do is Emet, but because a flaw has been exposed and they become fearful. There is no courage to ask why, just to censor or 'forbid' something. Based on what? All religionist do this, not just the Chabad in this case.
    Just as one can expose the lies of Esav and Ishmael of which are complete fabrications, why is it such harm in exposing the lies that we have bought without questioning them. Fear!
    HaShem is real. So real it's beyond comprehension for most. This movie is real. We just can't grasp it because of all the clutter placed in religion to keep us busy.
    It's very easy being a conformist!! It's very difficult to not be.

    Personally, I hope haShem brings the geulah for us. Why, to finally expose these lies that the religionists hold so dear to their hearts and free those who so believe they are doing the will of G-d (that includes Esav and Ishmael later). As it say's in the prophets "Not for your sake will I do this, but to save my Great Name." Think about it.

  17. Tell them saying tehillim is equal if not more meritorious for a chayal soldier since david was a great chyal before he became the annointed king of the world under Hashem .
    Psalms for protection and strength 20,60,110,118,67,91 3 of the 620,110,118 are about the warrior mashiach ben yosef through davids holy spirit he saw him , the other 3 are protectional shields . Tefillin is one mitzvah in 613 as is prayer !

  18. reality: tehilim is not the same as nanach!
    shiloh: emes=emet. to put one down for the other is unfair and incorrect. there are many studies and wise people who understand that many ashkenazic pronounciations may well be closer to original hebrew! the temanim pronounce 'yaakov'as 'yakev': this is closer to the yiddish 'yankev'.

    gutman: hopefully you can find out what unit these guys were from and find a donor to send pairs of tefilin to that unit!!!

    it would be good to have a proper rav poskin the situation here. is it pikuach nefesh, that a soldier at the kotel can put tefilin at dusk (not dark) and say the brachot..or,shiloh, the brachas.
    shiloh, btw, many wonderful sefardic yids go en masse to uman to honor rav nachman who spoke yiddish!!!! as did the besht, the berditchiver etc etc etc.... :)

  19. amein to what Yoni said! :)


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