Sunday, December 20, 2009


Going to War against the Shomron

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Israel is going to war...against the Jewish towns and villages of the Shomron and Judea (the West Bank). News reports say...

(YNetNews) "Security forces prepare to demolish settlement structures built in violation of the cabinet's decision on a 10 month building moratorium. The Border Guard, Shin Bet, Judea and Samaria District Police, the Air Force and a special police unit are expected to take part in the operation."

Lets parse that statement:

- The 'freeze' has been in place for 2 weeks. Since no structure can be built in 2 weeks, they certainly can't be demolishing new structures.

- The 'cabinet' decided on the freeze. This is not a law, not a regulation. It was not voted upon, it has no legislative input. It's an arbitrary decision of the moment enforced against a subset of the local population. Anywhere else in the world that would be called discriminatory and apartheid.

- The Border Guard and District Police are authorized policing forces, and are the right people to enforce laws and regulations (though as noted in the point above, this isn't a law or even a regulation!)

The Shin Bet is the internal security service, what are they doing there? Spying on and preventing internal political dissent is clearly anti-democratic, and using the Shin Bet in this capacity is a corruption of their mission.

And the Air Force??? What are they going to do, bomb the Jewish towns? More realistically, tasking military forces against internal dissension is a way to tear apart the structure of society. Senior commanders and our politicians need to take a careful look at the demographics of those in military service and realize the societal risks they are taking.

Respectfully, Mr. Prime Minister, have you lost your mind?

More details at: The Muqata, and Arutz 7 (auto-translated).


Shiloh said...

Troubling. What else can one say.

Shiloh said...

Akiva, check out the latest at the Muqata. Incredible.

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