Tuesday, December 22, 2009


"Emunah" Faith

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

"We have to tremble with fear when considering Hashem's greatness. The whole world is filled with his Glory!"

Rebbe Nachman (of Breslov) repeated this to us many times. He wanted to instill in us a feeling for Hashem's greatness and a feeling for how much faith we ought to have in Him. (Tzaddik #414) Do not forget to say Kidush Lavana as this is winter and the sooner the better. If the night are clear, the first night is gimel as the Rebbe taught us not to wait as we could miss the opprotunity if we wait.


  1. oh, great: faith from trembling fear and a super scary photo of an 'eye' in a cloud. this is supposed to help bring me and others closer to G-d? Yikes!! it makes me want to run away screaming!! where to?
    a yeshiva where people have ahavas Hashem.
    r' aryeh kaplan z'l quotes talmud saying that to the best of our knowledge the world was created as an act of love; that Hashem wanted to bestow His kindness, His chesed.
    throughout tehilim, david hamlelch speaks of the kindness of G-d; about loving His torah etc.
    reb nachman of breslev is misrepresented by your quote. many don't realize that 'fear' is an incomplete translation of 'yirah'. which is understood to mean both reverence, 'seeing' and fear. even 'fear' is of different levels: fear of being hurt, punished and fear of doing something that would hurt another.
    please, please, please: on a subject as central and vital as emunah, don't scare people away with such creepy images!!!!
    may Heaven help us all.

  2. also,
    doesn't it say in the main sentence of the entire torah...that Hashem is One...vahavta,that you shall love Hashem...
    please explain to me how we are supposed to love Hashem with this kind of portrayal?
    i don't mean to be harsh. and maybe i'm just reading the wrong blog?
    i hope not, because i've enjoyed many pieces here.
    and, perhaps it's none of my business that some very righteous jewish people envision G-d and faith this way.
    for me, and maybe for others,
    it is very discouraging to read from people who are ADMIRABLY devoted and religious, the kinds of things that scare people away.
    my intention in any of these comments is not to be critical. it is out of a serious concern for am yisroel..particularly people who need and even want to come closer but could be rebuffed by these kinds of images and language.


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