Monday, December 21, 2009


The Comment System - Feedback Please

In the past, Mystical Paths used Haloscan comments. Haloscan had been a popular commenting system and at the time was much better at filtering out spam comments than Blogger's system. However, it started acting weird and we subsequently returned to Blogger comments - which had improved somewhat but are still more difficult to use and have less features than other systems.

Being Haloscan is being put to death this week, many bloggers are being forced to change and a few are having serious discussions on comment systems.

So here's my question to you dear reader, do you have any preference of commenting system, or is Blogger's basic system adequate for those of you who enjoy commenting? Alternative commenting options seem to be: Disqus, Echo, and Intense Debate.

Your comments on commenting are requested. :-)


yitz.. said...

i prefer blogger comments because its the most familiar..

if you would go with something else, i've never used Disqus, but it looks to be the easiest/most "with it."

Shiloh said...

This works fine, except for the one sided delete button. ;-)

Tuvia said...

This works fine.

Neshama said...

I like blogger's commenting, it works very easily, and YES it's bette at 'deleting' unnecessary scribbles.

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