Sunday, December 13, 2009


Chabad Rabbi has Finger Bitten Off by Muslim at Menorah Lighting

A Muslim man attacked a Chabad rabbi Saturday night as he was conducting the annual ceremony to light the public Chanukah menorah in Stefenfaltz Square in the city of Vienna, Austria.

The attacker hurled himself at Rabbi Dov Gruzman and began punching him. As the rabbi tried to hold off his attacker, the Muslim suddenly bit his victim, severing part of his finger in the process.

The whole thing here.


Neshama said...

I saw this, disgusting.

Anonymous said...

absolutely disgusting. can you imagine the outcry if this had happened the otherway.

Anonymous said...

castrate the muslim who did it.
let the word get out that jews castrate their attackers.

IudaismRo said...

Open antisemitic attack in Moldova

An orthodox priest overthrows the Hanuka in Chisinau Moldova

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