Monday, December 14, 2009


Chabad, the Canary in the Coal Mine

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

"Canary in the coal mine" - Coal miners in the United Kingdom and the United States brought canaries into coal mines as an early-warning signal for toxic gases including methane and carbon monoxide. The birds, being more sensitive, would become sick before the miners, who would then have a chance to escape.

Chabad is spread worldwide, in many places offering a focused Jewish presence in a community that previously "just had some Jews". As such, they could act as a convenient target for anti-semitic feelings. However, until LAST YEAR attacks against Chabad were virtually unheard of! However, last year's attack on the Mumbai Chabad House (murdering the rabbi, rebbitzen, and their guests) seems to have opened the door. And this Chanukah is offering a prime outlet...

- Connecticut: Menorah lighting interrupted by Nazi protesters. (That's in the USA!)

- Massachusetts: Car menorah (and car) smashed.

- Vienna: Rabbi's finger bitten off by Muslim attacker at Menorah lighting.

- Moldova: Priest, church and congregation tears down Holocaust memorial menorah, plants a cross in it's place and marches against the Jews.


  1. Wonderful perspective!


  2. The conclusion is that it's time for Chabad to make aliyah. It is ridiculous for a chassidut to have a spiritual centre overseas. It's one thing to visit tombs of Tzaddikim, but to perpetuate the galut is a thing of the past.


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