Friday, December 18, 2009


Are We Allowed to Teach Mysticism? - Redux

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

The study of the mystical Torah must be grounded in the physical Torah. Not only are we are allowed to teach these subjects, but we are obligated to teach them.

Of course there are many opinions. The most well-known learned opinion, (which is an opinion, as no one knows for sure what the End Days will bring), is that there will be stages in the Redemption. In the early stages, there will still be a type of free will, which will not be in the later stages. This makes simple sense as the hope is for the ultimate revelation, and while standing there before the Revealed Presence of Hashem, who would even conceive of sin?

This means that, at some time, there will not be free will. We will be like angels basking in His glory. But, not everyone will see the same degree of this glory. It will all depend upon the work that one has done up until that time.

As for someone receiving the reward for the entire Torah by simply doing one mitzvah, we have a number of well-known stories of evil people who turned their lives around at the end of their days; and they received the entire reward. But obviously, we can not live with that hope for ourselves. For this reason, there are 613 mitzvahs and not just one. G-d, in His great kindness, has given us all of His Torah. Only a completely ignorant, or simple, person would reject even a drop of it.

Now to address what I sense in the tone of some emails and comments. It seems that some people somehow find the Torah to be an awesome responsibility, a fearful task, maybe even threatening! If this is a correct feeling, and you find yourself harboring such feelings, I strongly suggest you that find a different rabbi. Find someone who can show you the uplifting joy in every single commandment. Find someone who can show you the joy in making a blessing, and in putting on tefillin, because this is what G-d wants for us. In fact, this is why He has given us His Torah.

He has placed us in His garden, and He wants us to be happy. Your concern should be for the Jews who have not yet found that joy. And you can only help them find it if you find it for yourself, first.

Have a wonderful Chanukah, and may the light of your chanukia (menorah) fill your entire year.


  1. This is great advice. For me it was learning Tanya that opened the pathways. Learn Chassidus and discover the joy that is inherent in serving Hashem! It can truly change your outlook on everything.

  2. So G-d want us to don tefillin when you admit it's rabbinical. So, your logic dictates that G-d wants us to bow to rabbis and man made inventions! Read the prophets what G-d wants from us and it isn't empty man made symbolic mitvoth.

    The Torah itself say's its easy. You say different, maybe it's your incredible array of fences, the idolotry of the minute that Jews are fearful of, and they know it's not from haShem, but from the Erev Rav who control it. Clean up the mess you have created and see Jews flock to the Torah.

    One reason to not allow everyone to study kabbalah is that it is quickly brought to ones attention whom the Erev Rav Jews are and what they control. One must be in way too deep into the matrix first according you those who control it. Thank G-d for those like Litzman and Berg.

  3. Sorry, that was Laitman, not Litzman. Shavua Tov

  4. "find a different rabbi"...?

    when you say there will come a time when there is no more free choice, are you certain that's the end of the story, for eternity?
    isn't it possible that in G-d's great kindness, if a person needs to make a certain tikkun, they will be given the way to do it,whether in this life or another gilgul?

    may i suggest that you also consider the effect of the (your word) "threatening" tone that can scare some people. one must consider one's audience.

    yes, there are different styles for different people. and maybe those like me simply should not read your pieces?

    you also write some very nice pieces, we have to miss those too?

    would you consider reflecting on where that (your word)"threatening"
    tone comes from and how necessary it is? is it totally halachic?

    doesn't it depend on to whom you are speaking?


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