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Who is a Jew?

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

The British Supreme Court said while it was legal that Jewish schools give preference to Jewish children's applications, admissions must depend not on family ties, but “on faith, however defined."

Perhaps, in England, the courts are empowered to determine a school’s admissions’ standards, but they certainly are not empowered to determine who is a Jew.

However, according to the standard definition of religion, they are correct. Indeed, religions are based entirely upon belief. Whatever the person believes in, that is his religion. But Jews are not members of a religion. So, what makes a person a Jew?

The first Jews were not even called Jews. They were called “Hebrews.” The name “Jew” is not found until many centuries later, in the Book of Esther.

Abraham and Sarah were the first Hebrews. They had a son named Yitzchak. Abraham also had a son with Sarah’s Egyptian slave, Hagar. His name was Yishmael. Both boys believed in the One G-d. Both boys had the same father, and both boys were raised in the same house.

But, only Yitzchak is a Jew. Yishmael is an Arab. So we see that neither faiths, nor fathers, has anything to do with determining who is a Jew.

“Who is a Jew” can be determined only by the Torah, not by courts, no matter how kind or wise. According to the British Supreme Court, the two happy men pictured at the Kotel wearing tefillin would not be allowed into a Jewish school. After all, they have absolutely no faith in Judaism, none whatsoever. In fact, they are ordained, entrusted, Bishops in the x-ian church!

However, according to the Torah, since their mothers are Jews, they are Jews. And not only are they allowed to receive a Jewish education … we are obligated to teach them.

(Photo: Two 'bishops' with Jewish mother's, and therefore Jewish, putting on tefillin at the Kotel.)


  1. Your right Gutman, the Torah dictates it. Therefore the Karaites are Jews as they follow the Torah the closest of any group. Thanks for clearing that up.

  2. I'd be interested to know if all these non-Jewish Messianics, be they Sabbatarians or Neo-Karaites, who reject the Oral Torah - except where it helps them to appear and feel Jewish - are the Ger Gerurim mentioned in Avodah Zarah 3b; or should they be classified as Cutheans, who "feared HaShem, and served their own gods" (2 Kings 17:25-33) or should they be classified as something else?

    I've stated many times that these boastful, presumptuous, self-made proselytes and wannabes, most of whom espouse some form of Replacement Theology and anti-Rabbinism, will turn on the Jewish people (and the State of Israel) the day that HaMelech HaMashiach is revealed and crowned, because it won't be "you-know-who." They'll then cast aside their "Jewish trappings" and side with Gog and Magog in attacking the Jewish people and HaShem's Mashiach.

    I'm a would-be convert to Orthodox Judaism and after spending over a decade trying to play peacemaker between Missionaries and Counter-Missionaries ... I give up! I'm ready to fully side with the Counter-Missionaries, because there's just no reasoning with Xians and Messianics, who refuse to let go of their avodah zarah, their anti-Rabbinism and their Replacement Theology.

    They're a lost cause, IMO. Including those who'll pay lip service to agreeing with me and claim that they're different. They're not! Either you convert to Judaism or you number among the Yirei HaShem (Noachides) or you stick to the avodah zarah you were raised in or converted to. There is no middle ground, IMO.

  3. that picture made me cry. How sad that these Jewish souls are so entrapped. How beautiful that you reach out to them and feed their starved souls! Kol Hakavod!

  4. "Crazy", first of all, you are not part of the club, therefore have no right to speak of our internal business.

    Just to burst your bubble, the authentic Jew from 2000 years ago is kosher as you and other incredibly ignornant goyim only know of the pagan anti-Torah lie names J*sus. Take the incredibly large plank out of your eye before you ever, ever attempt to take an incredibly small speck out of any Jew's eye. Since you side with the anti-missionaries, this proves you have absoulutly no clue about history and the gigantic coverup.

    Even the great Rav Kaduri mentioned that the secular will have an easier time with the Mashiach then will the religious. Why? Because he won't be an idoloter of medieval Judaism and according to the Rambam will repair the breaches of the Torah.

    But again, it's really none of your damn business. You are not even a Jew and you are so quick to condemn fellow Jews who don't follow the majority to Evil. You think haShem, better yet the Mashiach will accept you. Actually, the time of the goyim has already been cut off, that means you. It's over and the best you can do is repent and follow the Torah like you where supposed to do from the beginning. Sadly you where never taught.

    Jews who don't follow the rabbi's, but follow the Torah will not turn on our fellow Jews when the sh*t hits the fan. Even the Mashiach whom they will slander, whom they will be very critical of, whom they will say he's not Jewish, will defend against goyim like yourself. Who do you think you are coming in our world and dictating to us. You think those Jews who do their utmost to follow the Torah will turn against Israel. What corrupted teachings are you getting?

    You have no clue what's going on here and you have no clue whom you slander. You also have zero clue about the Mashiach that haShem will give us, not YOU!! Remember that. He will not be against righteous goyim, but any goyim who slander any Jew, I can assure you he will be against.

    Too bad the rabbi's can't see through you, that's why the Mashiach will know who has a Jewish Neshamah and who are goyim practicing rabbinical Judaism, not authentic Torah that was given to us.

    Noachides are a recent invention of the rabbi's so they don't have to deal with teaching goyim. It's no path to the world to come, again such lies of the Erev Rav.

  5. Shiloh.... I wasn't even addressing you, since my question had to do with the Talmud. If you'd get off your anti-Rabbinic and/or pro-Messianic soapbox for a second and actually read what I wrote ... you'd see that I said absolutely nothing about "JEWISH Xians" or "JEWISH Messianics."

    I asked about a classification for "non-JEWISH Messianics," because "once a Jew (halakhically speaking) - always a Jew" is a given.

    Dude, take a chill pill and stop projecting your issues onto my posts and keep your assumptions about me to yourself.

    As for siding with the Counter-Missionaires.... 1. I agree with their general position (i.e., Jews should not be evangelized, because they don't need to accept Xian dogma in order to be "saved" or made "whole"). 2. Would that the Counter-Missionaries could focus on redeeming the historical man, rather than waste their time arguing against the mythological construct of the Xians; however, the reasons that they don't are certainly understandable.

    Bottom line, the majority of non-Jewish Xians/Messianics want nothing to do with the historical man anymore than the majority of Jews do. At the end of the day, non-Jewish Xians/Messianics will not set aside their avodah zarah or their Replacement Theology or their anti-Rabbinism. Sadly, it's been my experience that this holds true for many Jewish Messianics as well.

    As for converting to Judaism.... It's not for you (Shiloh) to tell me that I can or can't convert. When I do convert to Judaism it will be under the supervision of a recognized Orthodox Jewish Rabbinic authority and not some Neo-Karaite like Nehemia Gordon telling me to "just observe the Torah and disregard what the rabbis have to say."

    I really don't see the point of a HaShem Fearing non-Jew, like myself, converting to Judaism and joining Klal Yisrael if he/she isn't going to follow both the Written and the Oral Torah, but that's me and you're welcome to your own POV, Shiloh.

  6. Like I said, the time of the goyim is finished. According to the Oral Torah, once the Mashiach is revealed, then there will be no more Jewish old souls to "convert". In otherwords, there will be goyim following the precepts of men currently.

    Like I said before, you slander Jews like N. Gordon who is Jewish. You are not.

    I mentioned to Rabbi Brody who was so arrogantly saying that the Mashiach will accept all Orthodox conversions. I reminded him that no, he will accept Orthodox conversions with those whom possess a Jewish soul. There is a huge difference. Most rabbi's cannot tell the difference so they base it on whether a potential convert follows their outwardly mitzvoth while inside they have not changed. Dipping them in a tank of water does not change instantly make them a Jew, unless their soul is already Jewish. Therefore it will be a ceremony.


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