Friday, November 06, 2009

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Terror or Criminal?

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

A friend wrote, "How come CNN reports that the muslim army murderer (Fort Hood slaughter in the US) was of Jordanian descent, and the other news services tell that his parents and family are Palestinians who live in Ramallah? They are not just biased, they cover up the truth to further their goals!

They don't get it. They don't get the danger. American culture has spent the last 60 years focusing on equality and making the country color blind, religion blind, ethnicity blind, as much as was possible within human cultural spheres in a mixed culture immigrant society. Not perfect by any means, but a pretty reasonable level of "equal opportunity".

Now they find themselves faced with a religio-ethnic based war, and they're culturally programmed to deny any such possibility.

When the previous presidential administration (Bush) moved firmly in that direction, they were culturally forced back and by the end of the administration had firmly moved away from religion/culture conflict to focusing on a narrow tribal group - terrorist society. The new administration (Obama) has backed away even from that and returned to the Clinton years 'criminal acts - not war' position.

While most societies have had no problem, historically or even currently, demonizing an ethnic or religion minority, the US has indeed (generally speaking) evolved beyond that. It's worth noting that historically the Jewish people have frequently been the target of such demonization, which has always been completely unfair.

So it's no surprise the US is struggling terribly in dealing with an religio-ethnic conflict. If such acts continue domestically, public opinion will surely evolve quickly beyond the carefully measured positions of the leadership.

For American Jews, the current equal opportunity society has been a great blessing in allowing us to reach our individual and collective potential (though also a curse in allowing easy assimilation due to easy acceptance). A swing in the other direction may be necessary for America's survival - but such swings have historically been to the detriment of the Jewish citizens.

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  1. It is truly incredible the power of the media (and a cooperative POTUS as ell) to influence a major case of denial in the American public.


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