Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Sound the Shofar of Faith

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

Remember well, every single day, what is being done with us in This World. For we have come to This World at this time; in the seventieth year of the seventh century of the sixth millennium. Very soon (Hashem willing) the Geula will unfold. We are in the year 5770, there are only the 20 years until the beginning of techiyas hameysim (resurrection of the dead) according to the latest date of 210 years before the end. We are close, so very very close (please G-d)!

It has been now nearly 200 years since a very unique individual, a very special soul and teacher, Rebbe Nachman of Breslev (of blessed memory) came into This World. Those of us who follow his path are still called by his name (Breslev chassidim). We were once the most wretched and scorned among the Holy people of Israel, the chassidim that even the chassidim beat up upon. Now we find the path of Rebbe Nachman lighting the way, the torch bearers in this generation, may we be worthy.

Remember this and take it to heart! Strengthen yourselves and be brave! It is no insignificant matter! We are obligated to thank and praise Hashem's great and awesome Name, that He has saved us from the great heresy and delusion that now abounds in the world today. [Just look at the news (really, don't), it will make you dizzy!] It is only by His chen (loving kindness) that we have been saved from the confusion at a time such as this!

What can we give back to Hashem for all the good He has shown us?

Just knowing is a blessing. That He shows us kindness is a blessing. And knowing that we know and recognize this, this should encourage us! I am only able to write with Hashem's constant help and with tears. (If you only knew.)

I hear that suffering has increased for our people (as it is written). I understand (all too well) the many troubles afflicting so many souls. My heart is filled with tears as I pray before the Kadosh One, Blessed Be He, to relieve all our suffering, individually and collectively. Hours of toiling in avodas Hashem don't seem much to contribute, but what (else) can I do? What can we do? Know 'for this is to cleanse us'. Therefore we must accept this with boundless joy as well.

Oy, truly a heartfelt oy.


  1. "What can we give back to Hashem for all the good He has shown us?"

    Rachamim. Midah k'neged midah. The degree of mercy that HaShem shows to us is the level of mercy we should show to others, no?

    That said.... It seems like all my recent attempts to connect with others on any level gets thrown back in my face or goes haywire or gets rebuffed or gets met with a disproportionate amount of din.

    Maybe all we can do is dig deep within ourselves and step aside in order to let HaShem's rachamim flow through us unabated. The temptation is to let the Yetzer HaRa have his way, but fighting that kind of fire with fire only creates more strife and divisions. I don't know.... You tell me. The more I try to find common ground the more lines in the sand get drawn. I'm honestly ready to hang it all up and just go back to being a total recluse.

  2. Like I keep on telling you smade, it's finished. This is the reason you are experiencing what you are. Still, follow the Torah to the best of your ability. You don't need a club to do so.

    Nati, each of us get's our suffering. I have suffered physically starting the exact day the 2nd intifada started, to the minute. Many incredibly bizarre illness that doctors diagnose, but then they go away and are replaced by another. From sleep apnea that almost killed me, to an emergency appendectomy which almost got me, mercury poisoning, to incredible kidney infections that would come and go, to liver problems, to even bizarre skin infections that dr's where baffled. The list goes on and on. One ailment replaced by another. Thank G-d they are not so bad today but I still suffer. I ignore them as I know one will go, just to be replaced by another now. Baruch haShem. All this going on while being slandered constantly from the Ultra's. Only to dwell on haShem and His Torah constantly. (Our paths are obviously different) I am sure you are familiar with what I wrote of certain events that happened a little over 7 years ago in Israel. What I had done has only brought suffering and hatred. Ask Akiva to fill you in.

    So, we all have our roles, whatever they may be. Our tests and pains our what Our Father knows we can handle. So, kol hakavod to you.

    We wait for the war, then it should be fine.

  3. In regards to chevlei moshiach, many wonder why it must be. - we must understand it's part of the cleansing process.
    may the geula come soon

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