Monday, November 30, 2009

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Sins of Purim to Repeat on Chanukah?

JoeSettler writes the following at The Muqata... (While I don't normally copy content in total, his point is strong and worth sharing.)

The Original Sin of Purim was the participation of the Jews at Achashveirosh’s party. I write this as Chanukah approaches, because we will soon seen history repeat itself at the Obama’s Chanukah bash.

400 or so of the Obama’s closest Jewish friends, leaders of the Jewish community and Jewish organizations will be falling over themselves to get a 2 second photo shoot with the Obama.

Leaders of all the 2 and 3 letter organizations (and even the 4 or 5) will convince themselves that in their 2 seconds of kowtowing, they will have the President’s ear where, if they are brave enough, they will express their displeasure with the Obama’s policies against Israel.

Unfortunately Jewish Leaders you are fooling yourselves. The Obama will not hear what you have to say, the Obama will not care what you have to say, the Obama will only note that you showed up and kowtowed to Him.

Dear Jewish Leaders, there is only one thing that scares the Obama – his falling polls, the public dissatisfaction with Him and His policies.

Your going to the Mishte HaMelech will not send him that message. Your whispering sweet nothings in His ear will not convince Him to hear you.

There is only on one message that the Obama will hear.


Your non-participation.

If the leaders of the Jewish community, as one, RSVP their non-participation in Obama’s oil and wine party, only then will the Obama get the message. Only then will the media report your message, and only then do you have a chance to redeem yourselves before you repeat the sins of our ancestors.

Jewish leaders – this Chanukah - Ban the Bam.

It is the only way you have a chance of saving Israel and yourselves.

Otherwise salvation and deliverance will come from somewhere else, and you and your organizations will be lost.


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