Thursday, November 26, 2009


Nightime Stroll in Tel Aviv

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Tel Aviv is a generally well lit city. The buildings are bright, the stores are bright, giving the city an interesting night time glow. Join me for an evenings in a stroll down HaShalom Street...

The Phoenix Insurance building in Givatayim is a pretty piece of architecture. An oval shaped tan skyscraper with dark-brown cut out notches give it a unique shape. Spotlights give it a night time glow...
HaShalom Street - Tel Aviv

Stop at the Red Stop Shop, Stop! Because it's red.
HaShalom Street - Tel Aviv

Even an average office building (though some nice cut outs) becomes something special with some great lighting...
HaShalom Street - Tel Aviv

We're better than red, we're Yellow! Large Yellow mini-marts now in all Paz gas stations...
HaShalom Street - Tel Aviv

The most famous site on HaShalom street is the Azrieli Towers. ~50 stories each, one in the shape of a circle, one a triangle, and one a square with an enclosed mall in the space between the towers. Opposite them at ~35 stories is the Africa-Israel building...
HaShalom Street - Tel Aviv

And with that we come to the end of our stroll and head out of town.


  1. amazing what great light does thanks for the tour

  2. Interesting pics! Thanks! That said....

    I haven't seen the thick band of the Milky Way since I was seven years old. What can I say? I like HaShem's lights far more than those made by man.

  3. Excellent photography.
    Maybe you could find a job as a photographer for "someone" and really make some money!

  4. thank you! it is great to see this part of israel!!!!!


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