Tuesday, November 03, 2009

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Newsflash: Wishing it so

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Newsflash: The government recently created a ministry of electricity to help conserve the use of power...

Newsflash: ...Cuts in water service for as much as 48 hours per week, after the government imposed rationing... while the President faulted the excesses of capitalism. "What will the rich fill their swimming pools with?" the President asked recently. "With the water that is denied inhabitants in the poor neighborhoods," he said, blaming the lack of sufficient water on "capitalism -- a lack of feeling, a lack of humanity..."

Newsflash: The new Health Choices Commissioner is deciding what essential benefits that all insurers will have to offer as first-dollar coverage. Private insurers will be instructed how to price their product for public benefit to all who apply, regardless of health status or medical history.

Newsflash: The nation's armed forces carried out a series of Defensive war games by practicing an amphibious landing on the neighboring nation, seizing it's oil and gas pipelines, and using tactical nuclear weapons on it's defending military.

Newsflash: President announces missile attack on neighboring nation was performed by neighboring nation's spies, intentionally launching an attack to justify a counter attack and to create aggression between the two countries.

Newsflash: The Environmental Protection Ministry, under the Copenhagen treaty of 2009, has instituted a citizen travel allowance. Air travel beyond 1 trip a year will be taxed at 200% (the first trip will continue be taxed at the existing 50% fuel and security taxes). The ministry emphasizes this has nothing to do with freedom of movement, but rather dealing with environmental consequences.

Quotes from 1984? Translations from Communist East German newspapers of the 70's? Nope, news headlines from this week!!!

#1 - News headline from Venezuela, where the nationalization of industry has begun widespread outages and infrastructure failures.

#2 - News headline from Venezuela, where the president "wishes it so" and doesn't understand why reality doesn't conform to his wishes, and why people don't freely build capacity for others.

#3 - A firm provision from the current Democrat health care reform bill before the US Congress, which apparently believes a business can deliver (and stay in business) at whatever price Congress defines, just because the government wishes it so.

#4 - News headline from today, classic doublespeak from Russia as it practiced a nuclear attack and takeover of Poland. They're not being threatening, they're just serving their national interests.

#5 - News headline from Lebanon, following a missile attack on Israel since claimed by Al Queida.

#6 - A currently proposed action by the British government to comply with world environmental treaties.

Indeed, the world is changing. And truth is becoming a rarity.


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