Monday, November 23, 2009

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I Do Not Change

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

We often hear that G-d does not change. The statement, “I do not change” fits Him well. After all, He is above all change. But can we make the same statement about ourselves? Obviously not. After all, I am an adult today, and at one time I was a small child. My hair is gray today, but once upon a time it was dark. My height and weight have changed as have my ideas, skills and opinions. Seemingly everything about me has changed tremendously. So, certainly, I cannot make this statement about myself. We see that nothing about G-d changes and everything about us does change.

But wait a minute. When you stop and think about it, am I not the same person who was once, a long time ago, a bar mitzvah boy? Do I not say that I was born on such and such a day? So, actually, I am the very same person who was born way back then, only I am much older today. I am the same person who did all of those things that I did in the past. The fact is, I am the same person who is named on my birth certificate. It is still me.

So we see that, really, the only things that change are our deeds and our garments, but, in essence, we are still the very same people we have always been. I am still my parents’ child, even though I am much older, and I am still my children’s father, even though they are now fully grown.

G-d’s deeds (His creation) are somewhat like His garment. The Torah even says, “You have worn majesty and splendor, wearing light as a garment“.[i] So, as our thoughts, speech and deeds are garments to our soul, you could metaphorically say that G-d’s thoughts, speech and deeds are His garments. And just like our garments change, yet we are still the same people, so do G-d’s “garments” change, yet He, Himself, does not change.

Here we see that there are aspects of the unchanging G-d that are indeed changing all the time (His creation). And we see that we who are changing all the time are actually unchanging!

When we look at our deeds and garments, we can get dizzy by their rapid changes. But when we look at our self, our being, we see something standing quite still. As can a man sitting on a train going sixty miles an hour sit perfectly still, so can the soul stand still even while the body is raging along its hectic way.

The comparison between man and his deeds and G-d and His deeds is not a fair comparison. This comparison has been presented only as an exercise designed to help you seek within. The Torah explains that unlike man, whose thoughts, speech and deeds are not the man himself, G-d’s thoughts, speech and deeds are actually aspects of G-d, Himself.

[i] Psalms 104:1-2


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