Sunday, November 08, 2009


Hints and Challenges

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

(Photo: A Winter Erev-Shabbos Sunset in the Judean Hills, Israel)

Shabbos has passed and another Geulah hint / interpretation has passed. I am not devastated the specific sign has not arrived. I note the many many signs that have lined up and are clearly lining up. I feel we have a tremendous blessing from HaKodesh Baruch Hu that many are missing...Geulah is in progress, so many prophetic signs are lined up...

But it's all happening slowly. There is a chance to see, a bit of time to get a grip, to prepare, to take it seriously. It's not single events, it's the trends to watch.

The world is NOT what it was just 5 years ago. It's radically different. And yet, not through a series of shocks, just trends. Sands are shifting, times are changing. It's not an emergency today, but it can't be ignored either.

This is a blessing. There's time to take action, to prepare.

...We will have been like dreamers. I try to explain East vs. West, the Berlin Wall, the Soviet Union versus the United States, the Cold War, to my children. They don't get it, it's old history that is hard to relate to. They've never felt the fear of nuclear war and the possibility a misunderstanding or poor political calculation could destroy the world...

...When the Geulah comes, we will have been like dreamers. We will turn around and suddenly wonder, how did we get here? How did these events suddenly lead us to this great day? The past will seem unreal, a dream, hard to relate to from the new reality...

May it be today,
Shavua Tov - A Good Week
From the Holy Land
Reb Akiva


  1. Negative prophecies do not have to occur. Speculating isn't going to bring Moshiach.

    Finnaly I read something very eyeopening that I KNOW will bring the geula in Rabbi Shalom Arush's in Forest field he mentioned that when g-d decided to redeem the Jews it was when they cried out.

  2. I heard that it will probably happen when we don't expect it.
    I agree that BH we still have some time to prepare beforehand and should do so while we can. I'm sure we can each find something to work on in order to be ready when it comes.

  3. Amen.
    Shavua Tov.

  4. Sensibility and "down to earthness" reigns!

    "keen consciousness or appreciation"

    "practical and realistic: a down-to-earth person"


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