Thursday, November 12, 2009


H1N1 in Israel

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

To avoid hysteria and rumor, it's often very valuable to gather some factual data. Here's some factual data about H1N1 flu and Israel...

Every vaccine has side effects (that may affect up to 1% of recipients) and a negative reaction rate. That includes the flu shot.

I spoke to a local doctor who's part of the regional flu response team. Here's what he said the doctors from the Israeli Ministry of Health are informing the health teams about H1N1 in Israel:

1. The H1N1 is less severe than the hype or as has been reported around the world, even less than the seasonal flu. While the original Mexican cases appeared very severe with a high fatality rate, the virus as it's spreading is not acting that way.

2. H1N1 is proving more infectious than the seasonal flu. The Health Ministry is estimating that 25% of the population will get infected before it runs it's course.

3. The Ministry is only recommending vaccination for health workers and those with chronic or respiratory conditions (like asthma).

4. To receive the vaccine in Israel you need: doctor's approval, and to sign a page long "full disclosure" form from the Ministry of Health.

5. Israel has reported around 40 H1N1 deaths, and 1 death from the vaccine. They predict 25% of the population will get H1N1, and it will lead to 700 deaths.

The doctor I spoke to noted he had taken the H1N1 shot that day, but further noted that he anticipated coming into contact with many sick patients through the season - so for him it made sense.


  1. Read some information on IsraelTruthTimes blogspot. Not only is she speaking against the vaccine, many others are too. I talked to a lady where I live who is responsible for handling the vaccines in this area. Even she is very leary of using them as she believes something does not add up.

    In Israel, how many deaths are only due to the very mild flu labeled as h1n1? You will find the numbers don't match the hysteria.

    Remember what happened in the Torah with Moshe? Firstborn? Who are they targeting, even though the package insert stipulates not to give the vaccine to pregnant women. Of course they are giving it to many others, can't be too obvious.

    Bottom line, do your research. Find out what's in it vs living through a very very mild case of the flu.

    Beware Israel. As the sheeple go to the slaughter as usual.

  2. WHy does nobody talk about building up your immune system so that you don't catch things in the first place. Beezrat hashem if you lead a healthy life style and eat well you should be okay. Prevention can be natural not artificial with its hidden dangers.

  3. Getting immunized IS building up your immune system. What better way to exercise your immune system than to give it things to fight?

    The numbers in the original post don't add up. 1 death was reported in a vaccinated person however no deaths have been attributed to the vaccine itself. Every day a certain number of people will get sick and die. If many people are being vaccinated, some of them will get a flu shot before they get sick.


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