Friday, November 06, 2009


Geulah Hope (or Hysteria) This Shabbat?

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Shirat Devorah has an article that ties together a number of relatively obscure Midrashim, lays them against current world politics, and includes this current prediction...

מדרש חלק ג ס"ה ספר אליהו
“After the last king of Iran goes up and speaks out against Edom for three years in succession... a man (will then come to power), who is the least among all the kings and is the son of a maid who washes clothes in a tub... He is very tall, has a long face with a wide forehead, thin, thin thighs.”

Stated on the same first page of this Midrash:

“After the last King of Iran has power for three years and 12 months” (elected in June 2005, Achmadenijad took office on August 6, 2005) “he will be held liable in it”...

On the bottom of the first page it continues:

“Then, on the twentieth of the month called Mar (bitter) Cheshvan, the entire world will shake through a seismic noise that will sound from the earth until the sky.”

This Hebrew date uniquely falls out on November 7th 2009, though a year is not mentioned, implied is after around 4 years +3 (months) that the last ruler of Iran has held power. So this time frame is August 6, 2005 – November 6, 2009.

In the past Mystical Paths has gone through many such Midrashim and armchair interpretations. We hope and pray that indeed we see clear signs of the geulah this Shabbat. However, such exact predictions bring hype and hysteria. There's a reason we've been told not to calculate the ketz (date of redemption).

If this Shabbat passes as normal, will we despair? Will our emunah (faith) be damaged? Will we give up hope?

Or will we continue to "await his (Moshiach's) coming every day"? Will we continue to strongly yearn for the day when the knowledge of G-d is spread across the Earth as the waters on the ocean?

I wonder greatly if that great day is near, but the hype cycle damages instead of helps.

Shabbat Shalom from the Judean Hills,
May it indeed be an ultimate Shabbos to remember,
Reb Akiva


  1. Fri 3:04 pm

    Best thing is to stick with simple faith, like the ani maamin prayer says, even if it takes awhile, I still wait everyday.

    It will come when it's time

  2. This is nothing new, it was written about a couple times previously, and I've come to the prediction that it is best not to make predictions. If a Gadol made one, that's worth noting.


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