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From Heaven or Earth?

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

A commentor asked,

-- What part of the 3rd Temple will be rebuilt by HaShem Himself?

There are different opinions from the chachamim (sages). According to one approach, the 3rd Beis HaMikdash (Holy Temple) will descend from heaven to earth. Other approaches say we must build the foundation, heaven provides the rest. And another approach says we build it and while we see great niisim (miracles), the physical aspects of the world remain unchanged.

-- Is the 3rd Temple to be rebuilt prior to correcting the sins that caused the destruction of the previous ones?

The Jewish people have undergone over 1,800 years of serious hard times, including torture, death, enslavement, slaughter, discrimination, being barred from participation in society, being shunned, starved, having their children stolen away, being taxed literally to death, having their property confiscated, being expelled from nations (with 50% dying in the process), and finally lead to the gas chambers and ovens. If the Jewish people haven't completed any correction, they've already paid the hard way.

-- Will rebuilding the Temple really help people to build their Inner Temple?

The presense of the Beis HaMikdash (Holy Temple) literally and physically exposes G-d to the world. It pulls away some of the veil that hides the presence of Hashem. It also provides a direct path for people to connect to Hashem and atone for aveyrot (sins).

-- I guess what I'm asking is - Why put the cart before the horse, if you will? I mean no disrespect by this analogy. Is having a 3rd Temple likely to bring the apikorsim and the chilonim and the Jewish converts to Islam and Xianity back to Judaism or will it move them to further distance themselves from Judaism?

You seem to be hoping for a utopia in this world. But this is the world of choice. Free will (to turn towards or away from Hashem) exists. The Yezter Hara (the evil inclination) is fully empowered to influence in the wrong direction. We can be better, but this world will never be perfect.

In the time of the Geulah, the "knowledge of G-d will cover the Earth like the water fills the oceans". When the presence of G-d is apparent and the Yezter Hara is nullified, then all will stand and move the right way. Until then, we each face our personal struggle.

For now we must do the best we can, fill our lives with Torah and mitzvot, and help each other as much as we can. And pray that it will be even better tomorrow.


  1. Two things come to mind. One is, in all scenarios, it is possible to begin building; perhaps this does not hinder the other scenarios. if we begin building the Beis HaMikdash, perhaps Moshiach will come sooner, and as we know when Moshiach arrives, the Yetzer leaves. So, then those things that drag Jews into 'spiritual trouble' will be removed and the pintele yid will be revealed. When the yetzer is gone, don't you think things would be much much different? The world of choice will be replaced with something much different.
    The second is that if we are in the days closely leading to the Geula, I would expect that more and more we would be hearing and seeing 'hints' of what's coming.
    Wow, I was away from the computer today and just saw you prior post on the Haaretz article. So, there, we are hearing more and more, even from those we least expect to hear such things. There is much momentum under the surface, and when more is revealed, it will indeed be very exciting.
    Just hope I am in Eretz HaKodesh before such a Nissan event!!

  2. Akiva, we all want the geulah, from the secular to the religious, from Jew and many non-Jews alike. I don't think the leaders of any form of control want the geulah, religious to secular alike. You are right, we have been given the hard road. Seriously, why did the Baal Shem Tov state that a certain group will delay the geulah? Does this relate to the Talmud stating we will get the Mashiach we never wanted? I have strong sense of why the delay, would like your opinion. Maybe Nati and Gutman have a take on why the delay or the purposeful delaying.

  3. Rambam's positive commandment #20 from Laws of the Chosen House states that Exodus 25:8 "You shall build me a sanctuary.." is a positive commandment that all of Yisrael is commanded to follow. The mitvot are for Am Yisrael to perform not the Moshiach or for HaShem to peform. Do you wait for your sukkah to fall from heaven or do you build it yourself, enough said!

  4. Great answers, Rabbi Akiva! Thanks for taking the time and making the effort to respond and educate me.

    I'm not looking for or hoping for a utopian future. I have zero faith in mankind's ability to create a utopia and I figure if HaShem wanted to create a utopia for us, then He'd already have done so. Whatever the case, the ball's squarely in our court. From what I've read, teshuvah and emunah must proceed HaMelech HaMashiach.

    Sadly, mankind as a whole doesn't seem interested in making a team effort toward tikkun olam and very few are truly striving toward tikkun nefesh, IMO. Rabbi Brody teaches that the righteous few make up for the many wicked, so there only seems to be an imbalance of light and darkness in the world. That said, I don't equate the Geulah with a pan-utopia.

    Only Judaism (and specifically, Hasidism) focuses on tikkun nefesh and Derech HaShem; hence, my interest in it. Do I have a Jewish neshamah? That's for a Tzadiq to determine, but why else am I so obsessed with Judaism and Hasidism and so repulsed by other spiritual paths, religions and disciplines? Why else do I weep and/or feel homesick whenever I see or read anything relating to Orthodox Judaism? Even when I've tried to walk away from studying Judaism ... I always come back to it. I can't escape its pull and attraction.

    From what I've read in the Rabbinic Literature, those souls that have actualized their Nefesh Elokis and turned their Nefesh Behamis into a servant of HaShem will enjoy the fruits of their labor in the Geulah, whilst those who continue to be ruled by their Nefesh Behamis will get what's coming to them, so to speak.

    Will everyone (all 7 billion of us) eventually have our Yetzer HaRa completely removed from the human equation or will this been done solely for Klal Yisrael and the Hasidim of the Nations?

    Why are Jewish Souls being born into Gentile bodies? Is this part of a final tikkun? [Forgive the pop-culture reference, but this reminds me of the transmigration of Minbari souls into human bodies, which brought an end to the Earth-Minbari War and paved the way for an Earth-Minbari alliance in the battle against the Shadows and the Vorlons (Gog and Magog?), in J. Michael Straczynski's SciFi TV series Babylon 5].

    Will the planet's entire population of "Divine Soul-Sparks" eventually be gathered together and reintegrated into the 600,000 souls that stood before Har Sinai?

    Will whatever's left of humanity eventually be reconstituted into the structure of the primordial Adam Qadmon?

    These are things that I think about all the time, especially when I listen to Rabbi Akiva Tatz, Rabbi David Aaron, Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski, Rabbi Lazer Brody, Rebbe Schneerson and many others.

  5. Yea but if man makes it, it might not be permenant. But if Hashem makes it, it'll be permenant. Or maybe it's a joint effort, we start it and He completes it

  6. Re Anonymous, possibly a joint effort but does Hashem finish your sukkah for you or does your sukkah fall from heaven prefrabricated? ... I think not. The same words "You shall make me a sanctuary" are repeated in "you shall make tzitzit" does anyone in the orthodox believe Hashem will tie their tzitzit or that it will fall from heaven? The mishkan, first and second Temples were built by man, not moshiach so why not the 3rd Temple?

  7. To Tuvia: We are not obligated to build a Temple until we have a Jewish king and destroy Amalek. We certainly don't have any such obligation when we don't have physical control over the Temple Mount. Sukkah is an obligation for each individual, not klal yisroel, and has no such restrictions.

  8. To Hoping: We did not have a Jewish King when we rebuilt the 2nd Temple and Amalek was never destroyed for the 1st and 2nd Temples. There was only a small remnant (around 43,000) Jews in Eretz while millions stayed behind in Babylon (like USA today) and no king yet they rebuilt the Temple (sefer Ezra and Nehemiah). Yes, the political situation is not yet right to rebuild but that could change in an instant and things need and could be set up to be prepared to build when the time arises. Are we to wait for Moshiach to build all the vessels, gather all the wood, raise all the animals, weave all the garments, etc.? We need to be preparing now not just sitting around looking up for it fall down from heaven on our heads. The Ramaban says it is a positive commandment and I believe we all need to be working and helping rebuild. I have been giving to the Temple Institute for years and I wish all Am Yisrael would be doing the same. Maybe if HaShem saw that we really cared for His House and really wanted a place for his Shechinah to dwell, he would send the Moshiach to be the manager of us doing the work to rebuild the Temple. There are no requirements of mitzvot for Moshiach to build the Temple, it is up to all of us and therefore that is why the Rambam made it is positive commandment #20 in Laws of the Chosen House.

  9. Tuvia, the Rambam also said to kill any prophet that goes against the rabbi's. I am sure he would inadvertantly kill the Mashiach. The rabbi's hold the key, they won't unlock the door. They are afraid. Think about it for a while. Its all infront of your eyes if you could see.

  10. In tehillim 127 it says 'If Hashem does not build his house, then the builders labor in vain.' Just like David wanted to do it, but it wasn't meant to be. I think our effort should be with improving in diff areas like learning, practice, emunah and chesed, and then hopefully we will merit Mashiach amen

  11. To Anonymous: You are saying the exact opposite of what David HaMelech was saying and doing. David was dedicating this psalm to his son Solomon who he knew was going to build the Temple. Since David knew that he could not build it that did not stop him from preparing the way by gathering all the wood, and amassing all the resources for the Temple. This psalm and King David's actions actually say exactly what I have been saying we should be doing. While the things you said to do are fine that does not negate our obligation to build the Temple (Exodus 25:8) it did not stop David and it should not stop us!!


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