Monday, November 23, 2009


The Evil Town of Gilo

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

We are loathe to discuss politics though living in the midst of the epicenter of world political arguments. But sometimes as we hear world political statements and vomit into our own mouths, we feel compelled to speak out...

Facts on Gilo conveniently ignored (or in ignorance ignored) by world politicians and the press:

- Gilo is the South West corner of Jerusalem, NOT "East Jerusalem". Look at the map!

- Gilo is a neighborhood of Jerusalem built on an empty hill 30 years ago. Go to the Malcha mall, past the Soccer stadium, make the 2nd right at the light and you're in Gilo.

- No homes (or gnomes) were displaced in the building of Gilo. An Arab neighborhood abuts Gilo to the North-East, they seem to be making a nice living providing services to the Gilo residents.

- No country claims this land.

How can a neighborhood of Jerusalem in the South-West be in "Occupied East Jerusalem"??? I know I know, forget reality, this is politics (there's that taste in my mouth again).

On the 20th anniversary of the reunification of Berlin, the West, the US, and now today Germany, would demand that Jerusalem be re-de-unified. That walls be placed throughout the city, that snipers from the Jordanian past and from the recent past (firing at Gilo from the suburbs of Bethlehem as the next hilltop over) be ignored, that neighborhoods directly connecting major parts of the city be leveled and returned to the bare rock of the past.

Dear Peace Now and Jews of the thought it was about peace, you thought Gush Katif was a valid risk for 'peace', you thought there was a compromise. Please recognize today that these are all fallacies. Every inch and centimeter has only brought the knife closer to the heart...Jerusalem.


  1. It's for sure not for peace. It is to show the world that the Torah is a lie and their respective replacement theologies are true. It is no suprise how this is heating up and we head for more tough prophecy to unfold shortly. Zechariah 14:2 rings a bell. (and we hoped it would be the easy way). With the Arabs claiming their 'messiah' has been revealed it looks like times will be interesting. A lot of money and ego's are at stake here. I think the vatican know's it's time is up, one last shot at us, then bye bye the Great Lie(s) of replacement theology.

  2. My yeshiva in E"Y was at one time in Gilo. It was a great community and Gan Gilo is awesome!


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