Wednesday, November 18, 2009


All The Troubles

by Rabbi Nati at Mystical Paths

All of what one hears and sees as one travels through different places, all the troubles that come one's way...a thousand pages would not be enough. And yet through all of this, all that we go through, we still "desire to fear Your Name".

Deep in our hearts we are all crying out very, very bitterly over how far we are from our ultimate purpose. 'But all of us like birds are all trapped', 'and like those overcome by a flood'. With all the urges and negative character traits, how can we hang on? With the preoccupation of earning a livelihood (which is getting harder and harder to do), how can we survive (spiritually)???

The lust for money, power, and honor, (not to mention the other lust), it becomes stronger all the time. Or even worse yet, most of us have become terribly discouraged with ourselves and have given up completely, crying out "there is no hope" and "there is no one to help". The discouraged feel as if it is no longer possible to think properly about "HATACHLIT" 'the true purpose of this life'. And for a number of reasons it is impossible for them to raise themselves up.

Great controversy surrounds us. The world has become convoluted and twisted. It is all because of this Galut, this exile, that they are unable to receive the sweet nectar, the lovely, pure words of awesome truth that give life to all and inspire all the fallen souls. "Sound the Shofar of Faith" (Likutey Moharan II,5).

It is imperative to remember all the loving kindness and miracles that Hashem has done for us and continues to do for us, literally every day! You must realize how much, in such a time, a person must strengthen himself (in emunah and connection to Hashem) every minute! As our master, teacher and Rebbe, of blessed memory, cried out in a deep, strong voice, "GEVALT!"..."AIN SHUM YEUSH BOLAM KLAL"!

Please do not give up on yourselves! There is no such thing as despair in this world at all! The main thing is to strengthen ourselves - to be joyful in all! Know that Hashem can and will help you, and know He is truly the only one who can.

We need but to reach out to Hashem, to cry out and pray! As Dovid HaMelech taught us (Psalm 20): "Some rely upon chariots and some upon horses, but we rely upon and invoke (call out) in the name Hashem our G-d...Save us Hashem, may the King answer us on the day we call."


Anonymous said...

Very nice piece rav, thank you. But a question, perhaps for a future article: How do we get answers to important dilemmas of the day? Sometimes it seems as if we are blocked off or we cannot see the answers, no matter the hitbodebut.

sm said...

I agree, we need to hold on, there's a light at the end of the tunnel

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