Friday, October 02, 2009

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You Made a Difference!

This year's Mystical Paths charity campaign was run by my wife. I'd like to thank her, and all of you, for making it a success. Here's her report:

G'Mar Tov!

We would like to offer all of you a Yasher Koach and a big T'zku L'Mitvot (a big thank you) on behalf of the poor here in Israel. Your generous donations for Yom Tov made a significant difference to many individuals and families. Here are just a few samples...

She sits alone at Kever Rochel (the tomb of our Matriarch Rachel) praying fervently for some yeshuah (salvation). As she reads the Book of Tehillim (Psalms) she cries and beseeches Hashem (G-d) for guidance and help. We went and distributed money to her and greetings from the generous Mystical Paths donors from all over the world. This woman blesses everyone that they should continue to give with a full heart and always be able to do so. She wishes everyone around the world a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Shannah Tovah.

As she sits outside the supermarket holding her sign telling about her circumstances she watches as families walk out of the store laden with packages for Yom Tov. Every so often she counts what she has collected and checks her list of what items she can now afford to purchase, a jar of honey, one small chicken for her whole family, a challah. When we approach her she begins to cry, "You have not forgotten me! I knew that you would come! Always you worry about me and my children for the holiday. Please thank everyone on my behalf and relay to them that they will be in my tefilot (prayers) during the holidays.

He stands outside the supermarket approaching individuals asking for charity. He is so sad and worried about providing for his children. When approached he is so surprised and overwhelmed. He can now enter the supermarket with dignity and purchase food for the holiday. In addition, he is so happy that he can purchase some new clothes for his children. "Please give all the donors my sincere thanks for helping to make my holiday a happy one. I feel so good now! Hashem (G-d) will bless each and everyone of you and your family. There is no doubt in my mind that all those who gave will be blessed!"

She makes the rounds from vendor to vendor looking through their garbage for any salvageable produce. She eyes the fresh produce wishing she could afford better. When we approach her she is shocked. People around the world worry about her and her circumstance! As we give her the money she blesses everyone for a Shannah Tovah and to always be B'Simcha (Joyful) when giving and always be blessed to enjoy the holiday.

Thank you dear readers for answering the call of tzedakah (charity). We are honored to be your emissaries to the needy.

G'Mar K'Tivah V'Hatimah Tovah
(A Final Written and Sealed Happy New Year)

And of course, Chag Samayach - a joyful and happy Succot!!!


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