Thursday, October 08, 2009


Who's Counting

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

Right before the holiday of Sukkot, someone sent me money to hand out to the poor. Unfortunately, there are quite a few needy people here. The nice thing about giving charity without going through an organization is that this way there are no overhead costs. Every penny of it gets right into the poor person’s pocket.

After he sent the money, he told me that he wanted $180 of it to go specifically for the mitzvah of helping a couple to get married. For the first year of a couple’s marriage, it is a special mitzvah to help them to get settled into their new life.

There is a well known spiritual principal that whenever you need something for yourself you should look around and find someone else who needs that same thing. Then, if you will help them to receive what they need, Hashem is going to see to it that you receive what you need.

Obviously, the man who gave me the money wants to get married, and sent this money to help him to find his bride.

I cashed the $180 at the money changer, and received 657.50 shekels.

I thought, “Who can I give this money to so it will go only for this mitzvah?” You have to be very careful that you fulfill the wishes of the person who is sending you on a mission, especially when the deed is going to cause something to come back to him.

I remembered that a friend of mine’s son was married a few months ago. I called my friend, and asked him to meet me at the Kotel.

I said, “Someone gave me some money for a groom and bride. He wants the money to go specifically for this mitzvah. I am thinking to give it to your son, Chaim, but you have to guarantee that it does not go into your general expense pocket. I know that you help them a lot, but still, I want to be sure that this money goes only for something that they really need, and not into your general fund.”

“I am going to see him tonight, and I will hand him the money.”

“It has to go for something to fulfill the mitzvah of ‘Groom and Bride,’” I said again, as I handed him the money.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “They have so many expenses.... He just called me and complained that he had to spend 652 shekels for a sukka!” (The hut that we need in order to fulfill one of the mitzvahs of Sukkot)

A tear came to my eye. “Count the money!” I told him.

He counted the money and yelled out, “Oh, my G-d! It’s exactly what he spent!”

G-d’s accountants are busy at work.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you just tell us where that one euro went?

Neshama said...

B"H Akiva, here's another message that you are doing the right things ... that the aliya was the right path ... that your struggles are leading to good and great things ... that Hashem is watching over you.

Blessed be our only source of strength, inspiration, and wealth, our Avinu B'Shamayim!

A good moed to you and your family
A good kvittel for you and your family
and a wish to visit your Sukkah next year in Yerushalayim.

Anonymous said...

thanks, a very touching post.
H' Yitborach is THE ACCOUNTANT.

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