Tuesday, October 06, 2009



by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

Do you know what a walnut is? No, I was not referring to those large, light brown, healthy nuts that we eat. I was referring the sprinkling of unusual characters that pop up now and then at the Kotel. I guess I should have spelled it, “Wall Nut.”

There is an interesting psychosis that sometimes lands on tourists here called Jerusalem Syndrome. They say that it has to do with the intense spiritual atmosphere that permeates this holy place. The disease is usually mild, and resolves itself within a few weeks, but for those few weeks, whoopee!

A while back, a local Wall Nut came up to me at the tefillin stand and announced, “I am Moshiach ben Dovid!” This is the messiah who will bring the final Redemption. When he comes, he will bring peace to the entire world.

I answered him with amazement. “That’s funny. You’re the third guy to tell me that today!”

“Rabbi, you are going to hell tonight!” he yelled, as he stormed away.

Apparently, messiahs like to be the only messiah.

Another time, a very normal looking, American, non-Jewish tourist asked me, “What’s supposed to happen when the messiah comes here?”

“Why do you ask? Do you think that something is supposed to happen now that you are here?” I asked.

“Well, I will never see you again, so I guess I can tell you … but, I have a strong feeling that I am supposed to make some kind of announcement as to who I am.”

“Well, unless you want to spend the next couple of weeks in the hospital, I suggest that you make it very softly.”

He quietly walked away.

There has been a middle aged, non-Jewish woman walking around the Old City from time to time. She wears a long white dress with G-d’s most holy Name embroidered in large golden letters across her chest. She announces that she is Hashem!

With these few cases as introductory, background information, I would like to introduce you to the latest addition to the club. He showed up at the Kotel just in time for Succot, the Bagman!


  1. I think the middle aged lady is not to far off in the sense of ein ad milvado;there is nothing besides HAshem. THe "Crazy" thing is she is dressed "weird" and not acting in a "socially acceptable" manner. Meanwhile to some people living in Succots and waving lulavs around looks "crazy" . Chag Sameach!

  2. Well, if GOD has to come IN PERSON all the way to Jerusalem to hide His Face... IN YOURS!

    Then what does that tell us.

  3. Like I have said many times. Only when haShem reveals the Mashiach to Jewish Orthodox witnesses will we know who it is. Otherwise, forget them.


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