Thursday, October 22, 2009

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The Offspring of Noah

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

"These are the offspring of Noah, Noah was a righteous man, perfect in his generations; Noah walked with Hashem." The first question that arises is what are the offspring? Then comes the answer, RIGHTEOUSNESS. According to the Midrash the Torah comes to teach us that the primary "offspring" of the righteous are their good deeds. (Rashi)

There is a famous debate about the righteousness of Noach, whether he would or would not be considered righteous in a different generation. Noah was righteous and deserved to be saved because he kept the covenant of Hashem - he guarded the brit, he was pure (in an adult manner). Thus he was the Tzaddik Hador 'righteous in his generations'.

"Now the Earth had become corrupt; and the Earth became filled with robbery. And Hashem saw the earth and behold it was corrupted, for all flesh had corrupted its way upon the earth." The generation of the flood was destroyed because of thievery, and for forbidden & depraved acts. They openly sinned and were openly destroyed.

The Holy Zohar tells us that boiling hot water burst forth from the ground, skinned them alive,melted the flesh, and even the bones were disintegrated - blotted out, never to be seen again, not even on the day of judgment.

But with Noach Hashem says, "But with you I'll establish My covenant" (Bereishis) In the Holy Zohar, Rabbi Elazer tells us when there are righteous in the world then the worlds both above and below are firmly established. (Zohar Bereishit 153) Rabbi Shimon said this is a hidden matter, 'When there is a righteous person in the world, the Shechinah immediately attaches Herself to him and never leaves him. "She desires him", which then brings the upper desire to be aroused towards Her with jealously towards Her (Zohar Bereshis 154).

This brings Hashem's attention to this Tzaddik. Rabbi Elazer said as long as the people hold on to the covenant, no nation nor tongue in the world can harm them. And because Noach kept and protected the covenant, the Holy one, blessed be He, protected him. A we see the rest of the generation did not observe the covenant, and the Holy One removed them from the world (Zohar Bereshis 156). Rabbi Yitzchak tells us "in the same way they sinned they were removed" (Zohar Bereshis 151).

Our keeping of the covenant Shmiras HaBris is the foundation of our nation and our source of our protection. The brit between Hashem and ourselves connects us to the sefirah of yesod, the source of all spiritual sefa or blessing in this lower world (or lack there of). When there is an abundance of shefa in the world then there is peace and prosperity. When there is a lack then the opposite is true.

The underlying message is pure and simple. War, natural disasters, famine, plagues, slaughter and massacres (i.e. terrorism) can be traced to the destructive spiritual forces arising from humanities negative (adult) acts. What we do here effects the upper worlds and then causes a reaction here.

Today as we stand quite literally alone against the world, a physical worldly flood against us as it were, we need to check out how we are holding. Are we guarding the brit? Are we looking at, or joking or speaking or thinking about pure things or Hashem forbid! (Adult) Purity can save us or sink us.

As Hashem's children we are the Noah's of this generation. May we be counted righteous and be able to enter the ark of safety. This is why Rebbe Nachman spoke so much about Tikun HaBrit. For the last 60 years we have been bombarded with impure media and fashion. It's all a ploy to strip our spiritual protection away at a time when we need it the most.

It's time to say Tikun Haklali and to focus on pure things. Every little act helps. Guard your eyes, every billboard is either taivat momon, taivat achilah, or taivat hani'uv or all three. It's time to cry out to our Father and beg for mercy for we are truly facing a flood. The tsunami is upon us! Abba, help please, we are drowning, save us! But you see He's already given us an ark, the Torah of Truth.

Lets band together on what we say and how we conduct ourselves. Even in the act of marriage! If we but make an effort to purify ourselves and the world just a little, we may be able to pull all of the world to the side of merit!

May we all have a great Shabbos.
Shalom from the Holy City.
Reb Nati


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