Tuesday, October 13, 2009


New Year, New Look

As you can see (if you're reading this on the blog site), we're trying out a new look for the new Jewish year of 5770.

Please let us know what you think.


Neshama said...

WOW, what a surprise. I think it's great that you're trying a new design. I've been thinking about it for months, just need the time to do all the work.

I learned that while it is a strong contrast, using a white typeface on a dark background is 'hard' on the eyes, difficult for the eye to stay fixed on when reading. Using off-white or a very pale color the same family as the background might work better, i.e. notice, "Comments" in a lighter brownish is much easier to read.

Also, the font should be taller than wider in design, this looks like 'myriad' or 'arial' or from a similar family. It's a very square font with a flat look, i.e., no style. The "Remarkable Judaica" is much easier to notice and read, but not good for an entire article.

Since, you asked, is it possible to make the lush brown earth a bit more greener, and make the blue background a different color.

Notice that the black 'tweets' are on a less than white background, which makes it more noticeable.
Also, I hate flashing ads, they are very very distracting in a negative way, more like 'times sq'.

OR, take the blue from the masthead and use that for 'post titles', it would tie the new look 'together' (also with the techelet in the 'cool Jewish stuff'.
Reverse the colors in the Tweets: arrows in orange, and the links in blue.

The blue looks real good on the brown.

[r we still friends?]

Neshama said...

PS, maybe leading with the picture (on the left) is a greater 'draw' of the eye. It should in a way say more than the post itself.

[Plus: I am likewise open to blog criticism likewise]

Anonymous said...

colour choice is nice - nicer feel, though i must admit, yours was one of very few sites i came to not because of what it looked/looks like, but for it's content : )
Keep up the gr8 work! :)

Anonymous said...

I liked the old look better, it had that oldfashioned feel to it, almost ugly and therefore nice. Like the interior in the house of your grandparents. A bit dreamy almost.
Also, it was much easier on the eyes indeed.
Just my opinion.
Or maybe i just don't like change.
In any case, i'll keep reading what you write, i like this blog.

Akiva said...

go back to the way it was. don't like the colors and its dreary looking. yuckola!

Akiva said...

(last comment by a family member on my computer)

Thanks for the input and keep it coming. I'll experiment with this a bit and always have the option of going back.

One advantage with this template is I've finally (2 years late) switched to "New Blogger", so I can use new widgets and features without all the manual HTML coding I was doing.

Shiloh said...

A little hard to read, otherwise it's nice. Who likes change anyway. :-)

Devorah said...

It's looking good now. Is the "yuckola" commenter pleased with the changes to the changes?

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