Monday, October 05, 2009


Movie "Capitalism" Anti-Semetic???

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Michael Moore's new docutainment drama Capitalism is, as the name implies, a long rant against...capitalism. Apparently Mr. Moore presents almost 2 hours of the evils of capitalism through those who have been hurt by the system, and recommends throughout the movie that the (not actual quote) 'workers of the world unite and throw off the evil chains of capitalism for socialism'.

To which I say "whatever". If a millionaire documentary maker who's selling movie tickets for $10 each wants to rant against the system that gave him those opportunities, it's a system that allows him to do so.

HOWEVER, mainstream blogger Anne Althouse picked up on a secondary theme of the movie, (not actual quote) 'all the evils of capitalism are from the Jews...'

(Althouse) The most striking thing in the movie was the religion. I think Moore is seriously motivated by Christianity. He says he is (and has been since he was a boy). And he presented various priests, Biblical quotations, and movie footage from "Jesus of Nazareth" to make the argument that Christianity requires socialism. With this theme, I found it unsettling that in attacking the banking system, Moore presented quite a parade of Jewish names and faces. He never says the word "Jewish," but I think the anti-Semitic theme is there. We receive long lectures about how capitalism is inconsistent with Christianity, followed a heavy-handed array of — it's up to you to see that they are — Jewish villains.

Am I wrong to see Moore as an anti-Semite? I don't know, but the movie worked as anti-Semitic propaganda. I had to struggle to fight off the idea the movie seemed to want to plant in my head.

When a mid-western law professor starts spotting mass media anti-semitism, it's time to pay attention.


  1. I saw no anti-semitism in the film at all. I did see greed in both business and government severly attacked. Moore even portrayed some capitalist companies as heroes. Ann Althouse's blog is feactionary Conservative in nature. My impression was by calling anti-simitism she was trying to alienate a group of people with long standing respect for human rights, that would otherwise be supportive of the film. Please go see the movie before drawing your own conclusions.

  2. Just because some Jews are mentioned, it doesn't mean the film is anti-semitic. It just means it's (attempting) to tell the truth.

  3. Moore uses Marx's term describing European mercantilism, not the free market rising from actions of individual freedom rising from the Judeo-Christian ideals brought to America by the Pilgrims. He talks about a different world, as cited in THE CHANGING FACE OF DEMOCRATS ( and

  4. Althouse's former husband has the last name Cohen, so I wouldn't put any special significance on the fact that she's from the Midwest. Althouse has an impressionist way of writing, interpreting things in her own unique way. If the movies goes the way she describes it, I can see the argument that there's a subtle anti-Semitism there. But even if it's there, I doubt Moore would put it there intentionally. From reading Althouse's post, it sounds like the movie advocates the actual violent overthrow of our economic system, but I assume that Moore's message is more that we should adopt a more social-democratic economic model a la Denmark, and generally regulate capitalism more.

  5. It is open source knowledge that MM is a flaming leftist, admirer of Chavez and the 'democratic' socialist style of his governing; the holly wood crew pledge allegiance to (not america) to Obama (and it is in song already, and being taught to school children).

    America is in the midst of a marksist socialist revolution, i.e., the end of Golus Edom rising.

  6. 2 things are true in the movie jews are greedy in general and love money more then spirituality jews would even agree with that ! 2 many christians dont like the God of the old testament or jews who represent them for that matter .


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