Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Kevel Rochel & Authentic Red String

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Rochel Imaynu, Rachel the biblical matriarch, beloved wife of Yaakov Avinu (Jacob our forefather), has her yaretzheit next week on the 11th of Cheshvon (next Thursday the evening of Oct. 28). In honor of this upcoming occasion, my wife, daughter, son and I traveled to Kever Rochel last night to perform the segulah of the red bendel (red string), for charity (an offer for you at the end of this article)...

Kever Rochel Red String

We entered the well known Tomb of Rachel in Bet Lechem to wrap the holy kever 7 times with red string (while reciting certain pesukim)...

Kever Rochel Red String

This is a bit tricky, as the men's and women's sections are walled off from each other, and of course there's other worshipers there as well.

Kever Rochel Red String

Kever Rochel Red String

So here's the deal. Our son's yeshiva needs some help!

Donate _any_ tax deductible amount and we'll send you 1 foot / 30cm of authentic red string wrapped around Kever Rochel.

Need more than 1 foot (1 foot of string is good for 1 person to wear as a bracelet)? Just donate a little more and let us know how much you need.

- If you don't like Paypal, you can donate via check here. Then let us know and we'll send it out.

- All monies raised to be directed to Yeshiva Nishmat Shlomo in Tzfat, Israel, tax deductible Nishmat Shlomo, Inc. IRS TAX ID#22-3804793.

May the mitzvah of charity open for you many doors of blessing, and the blessings of the segulah of the red strings for health, safety, children, and success.

Kever Rochel - Ladies Section entrance...
Kever Rochel Red String


  1. Good for you. Your work for righteous causes, and your selflessness are outstanding. Hashem bless you and yours.

  2. What a wonderful idea and for a worthy cause.
    Please would you be able to post / blog the details to the correct way that the string should be attached (e.g. left hand, wrap 1 time, 7 knots, who should attach it? any special prayer for when it is attached? / reattached?) Thank you kindly.

  3. Is it correct that the Ana Bekoach prayer should be said when tying the seven knots ?
    And are you actually supposed to tie seven knots?
    And is there any difference which hand it goes on?

  4. Which prayers did you say when wrapping the string? And what is the source for those particular prayers?

    Thanks and all the best!

  5. More info here:

  6. Thanks Devorah :)

  7. is this for real where does the custom originate , seems extremely supersticious for judaism .

  8. There's ancient mention of a custom of red or scarlet string or ribbon in kabbalistic seforim as a segulah for protection and blessing. The wearing it on the wrist seems to be a more recent innovation.

    One of the commentors above provided a link that has more info.

  9. Akiva:

    You certainly mean well, but you suggest we get red string from you, and do not tell us what prayers should be said when the thread is wound around Mama Rochel.

    The link from "One of the commentors above" does not answer this question.


  10. How much is it shipping to Colombia?

  11. Hi
    I know that it's been a while. Is the string still available?

  12. I know that it's been a while. Do you still have the string available?

  13. Actually, though this was 5 years ago, yes I do.


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