Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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Doing the Segulah of Chafrashat Challah

by Reb Akiva's Wife at Mystical Paths

Baking Challah is a tremendous mitzvah for Jewish women. With rushed lives and wonderful kosher bakeries, it's very easy to buy great quality challot for Shabbat. Yet, making challah for your family, taking challah (the mitzvah of removing a portion of the dough of the kohein), and enhancing your family Shabbos table with the work of your own hands specifically with the intention for Shabbat, is a tremendous mitzvah.

Besides the direct benefits to your family, there is a special segulah (a spiritual door opener) for home challah makers. It's to perform the mitzvah of Taking Challah with a brocha as part of a group of 43 (the numerical equivalent of challah) in the merit of couples who want to have children but have not yet been so blessed.

This week, for Shabbat Berashes (the first Shabbos of the new year), I'm putting together a group to perform this segulah for a particular couple in need. If you bake challah and will be doing so this week, please join us by emailing me to get the names to include in your tefillot. Wonderful nisim (miracles) are written about the segulah of chafrashat challah.

This is for Shabbat Berashis, baking on October 15 or 16, 2009.

נשים יקרות
אני רוצה לאסף 43 נשים למצו הפרשת חלה לשבת בראשית לסגולה לאלו שצריכים.
נא להודיעה לי בדואל אם רוצות להשתתף

Email me at: rebakivaswife -at- mpaths .dot. com to join the group and receive the instructions (nothing difficult) and the names.

(The email is written for human interpretation to prevent spam programs from reading it. Read it and type it the proper email address way with

Challah In Progress



Neshama said...

They look so very delicious.
Kol HaKavod 'rebakivaswife'.

[especially the unbleached white spelt]

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