Friday, October 02, 2009


Dew Upon My Succah

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

I've been a bit stressed and depressed recently. But "the season of our rejoicing" is upon us and, as they say in the old country, the spirit of the holiday is in the air.

While in the U.S. this means being inundated with music and decorations and colors and icons that aren't mine, here in Israel it's the lulav and esrog stands everywhere, succah decorations being sold on every corner, huge piles of large date palm branches to green up the succah schach.

It's also running out at midnight to the hardware store (some child damage to a sink faucet) and finding it still open due to the many shoppers needing bolts, chairs, lights, and boards for their succahs.

It's seeing succahs going up on every patio, in every yard, and some literally hanging off the edge of high rise buildings. Religious, somewhat religious, non-religious, everyone in Israel puts up a succah.

And everyone is smiling! You'd think all the effort of putting up a succah would have people stressed out. But no, everyone knows the season of our rejoicing is here.

As I finished up my succah tonight and stepped out, I found the tools and chairs covered in DEW! Dew, do you hear, dew!!! What's the big deal? Literally since I've been in Israel, nearing 2 years now, the dew has not fallen. In the holy land, the difference between life and death water-wise is seasonal rain in the winter and dew through the spring-early summer and fall.

Everyone speaks of the rain not having fallen. Israel's water supplies are critical. But the difference, even with the rains, of some green and some moisture or a dry crispy land with many a brush fire and blackened hills is...the dew.

Tonight, for the first time in over a year and a half, the dew fell. On Rosh Hashana the rains fell, and now after Yom Kippur the dew fell.

For those in the Land, it is indeed a time for rejoicing. Even while the world turns upside down, evil is declared good and Israel and the Jews are vilified, Hashem reminds us...we can indeed rely upon our Father in Heaven. Indeed, clearly we have no one else upon whom to rely.

Chag Samayach!


Devorah said...

The last time you blogged about dew, it wasn't around... and I blogged this

chag sameach !

Devash said...

I can't understand why you're not getting dew til now. In Jerusalem, we get it every night. If I forget and leave my dry laundry out too long after nightfall, it comes in all wet.

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