Friday, October 16, 2009

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by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

It's been a few chaotic months that hasn't found me much on Mystical Paths. Hashem willing, with changing circumstances I'll be back a bit more frequently.

There are numerous ways that Hashem relates to us in our lives. Just as we find a series of names for Hashem in the Torah, as we find changing circumstances and challenges in our lives we find different ways of relating to Hashem and how Hashem's hand is apparent.

Challenges may appear tough and to strain us to our very limits. Yet they test and exercise our strengths and force us to stretch and grow further. Our emunah (faith) may appear to be a static trust in Hashem. But with challenges we have an opportunity to see if it's strong enough, wide enough, deep enough to hold us to Hashem, to our Rebbe's and teachers, and to the paths of the tzaddikim.

And if not, if we (G-d forbid) fall? If the challenges appear to be overcoming us? As Rebbe Nachman says, Ein Shum Ye'ush B'Olam Klal - There is No Such Thing as Despair in the World. We MAY NOT despair! We have to have faith in Hashem that this is for the best, go to our Rebbe's, teachers and friends for advice and support, and go on knowing that I only failed today. Tomorrow, that's another day - and tomorrow, G-d willing, I'll survive all the challenges and tests and have MORE faith in Hashem.

And G-d willing, this will be a Shana Tova, a good year filled with spiritual and material blessings for all of us!

From the Holy Land and the Holy City,
Reb Nati


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