Monday, September 21, 2009


Sneaking Up On Us

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

The world events to take special notice of are those that "sneak up on us". These are the divine changes that no man can fathom and that are hinted to in the holy words of the navi'im (biblical prophets).

In less than a year since a "new king arose who did not know Yosef", sudden unplanned change has come upon the world. America is brought low financially, is suddenly losing a war, China pulls her financial strings and Russia her political ones as she abandons allies in Eastern Europe.

And of course, "Because you oppressed your brother Yaakov, you will be covered in shame and you will be cut off forever. When you stood aside on the day that strangers confiscated his possessions (Gush Katif) and foreigners entered into his gates (West Bank), and cast lots over Jerusalem. You too are like one of them." (Ovadiah 1:16)... America not only turns it's back on Israel but specifically moves to weaken Israel.

To whom do we have to turn???

The Prime Minister of Israel goes to Russia and ask them not to sell missile technology to Iran. Israel is

To whom do we have to turn???

The promise of America to build a "missile shield", a protection for Israel in the future, is shut down. Oh, it's not a move against Israel, it's a political favor for Russia to not base missiles in Europe.

To whom do we have to turn???

The Jewish people are comfortable in every echelon of American society. Not just the assimilated Jew or the cultural Jew, but even the religious Jew. Jewish life in the West has been pretty comfortable - no discrimination allowed.

Until famous Jews started major financial scandals. And religious Jews started being arrested for money laundering. Very suddenly, very unexpected, no history of such things. You might call it...change.

To whom do we have to turn???

The Israeli Jew wanted a Western national like all others, just another in the family of nations. In many ways he succeeded in creating such a nation...almost. The beaches and hotels and discos, agriculture and industry.

Except he kept getting attacked, and now delegitimized even for defending himself. When he was dying in the street from suicide bombs he was pathetic and tolerated. Now that he's reasonably defending himself (with great blessings from Hashem), he's a pariah, an anathema. A rather sudden change leaving even the Israeli leftist shaking his head in wonder.

To whom do we have to turn?

Our "friends" are turning their backs on us (no, not all of them - suddenly followers of truth are also coming awake and turning towards us). The world would have us out of the way.

There is no one left upon who we can rely...

Except Hashem. Exactly as the navi'im have told us.

No, we don't know what will happen tomorrow. ALL predictions have been inaccurate so far. But circumstances seem that it just might be sneaking up on us.


  1. Exactly, we can only turn to Hashem who is our true redeemer

  2. B"H

    It's about time we start realizing that Hashem Was, Is and Will Be, the Only One who will ever take care of Eretz Yisrael and His beloved Klal Yisrael.

  3. I am one believer of the Truth who is on your side here in America and I'm praying for the peace of Israel and blessings on each of you. What you wrote here rings true inside me and my prayer is that America will repent and turn from its wicked ways. My prayers are in agreement with your nation Israel. Blessings on you and your house.


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