Thursday, September 24, 2009

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Review: Aliyah Revolution, the Album

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Kumah, founders of the Aliyah Revolution campaign and associated videos has now put out The Aliyah Revolution Album. 16 tracks from various Jewish artists on the theme of aliyah (returning to Israel). Artists include The Moshav Band, Neshama Carlebach, Shlock Rock, and Naftali Abramson among others (each one of the 16 tracks is a different artist).

This is a massive charity project on their part. The disk is not for sale but to be offered on US college campuses and to Nefesh b'Nefesh aliyah prospects. The bands have donated their music to this project, and Kumah has invested tens of thousands of shekels in putting this professional compilation together.

Besides the music, the disc includes an insert with lyrics and an Aliyah Revolution poster.

I received the album from Yishai Fleisher of Kumah for review.

I listened to the album as I traveled from Beit Shemesh, filled with Jews who returned to Israel from the U.S., England, South Africa, and France, through the Judean hills, past Beitar Illit - an ultra-orthodox Jewish city sprung from an empty rocky hillside in the Judean mountains, to Efrat - the central city of the revived Gush Etzion which was slaughtered by the Arab League in 1948 and repopulated by the rabbi and his congregation from the Lincoln Park Synogogue in Manhattan, then on to Kever Rochel by Bethlehem - a holy site for Jews for over 2,500 years, and afterwards into Jerusalem. So not only did I listen to the album, I literally experienced it's message at the same time.

It's an impressive compilation, finding and joining the many positive musical messages about aliyah. The mix is good, the transitions from one song to another well done.

It's an eclectic mix of music from a variety of immigrant and native Israeli bands in Israel. It has songs based on U.S. 80's and 90's pop tunes (redone with Jewish aliyah lyrics), reggae style (with aliyah lyrics), new age style (again with Jewish aliyah lyrics), and even Indian style - which appeals to many an Israeli who's traveled to India (again with Jewish aliyah lyrics).

Different parts of the intended audience, that being Western aliyah prospects, are sure to be touched by the variety of music and aliyah messages. The bands have put their hearts into it, and so have the people from Kumah that put it together.

We wish Kumah much success with their aliyah efforts and the album, and do so while saying hello to two new neighbors from Montreal, one of which was hosting another family from Montreal for Shabbat who's also considering aliyah.


Neshama said...

re: "not only did I listen to the album, I literally experienced it's message at the same time"

See, that proves you are living right - no such thing as a coincidence. That might have been an answer to some question in the back of your mind!

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