Thursday, September 24, 2009

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by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

Most people have some idea of what they are looking for in the physical world. At least they think that they do, and they spend most of their days running after these things. True, that when they find them, they often realize that they did not really want them in the first place, but at least they have some physical goals to run after.

But the spiritual search is not like this. Most people do not run after the spiritual goal at all. Strange, how the most important things are so well hidden.

The spiritual searcher reaches in three directions.

First, he reaches in. The most important, and most basic question that a spiritual seeker must try to answer is, “Who, or what am I?” Is there anything more important to know than this? If you do not know what you are, how can you possibly know what you were created to accomplish? How will you be able to fulfill your purpose?

You might answer that you are a person, an American, or a businessman. Maybe you would say that you are a musician, an athlete, an intellectual, a student, shopper, or what? But these only describe your body, or your deeds, not you. You have to ask: Whose body is doing all these things? After you pass from this world, you are going to go on into the Next World, but all the things that you listed are going to cease. So, they cannot be “you.” Then, what are you? Searching inside for the one who is the real “I” is called reaching in. Is there anything more essential to know than what you are?

After you have had some success reaching in, you will automatically reach up. You will begin to realize that you are a spiritual entity. You will understand that this spiritual entity is allowed to exist in a body only because of the will of the One Who wills it. You will then reach up to search for the nature, and will, of this One Who wills all. Who is the One Who wills all? What does He want?

After you have worked for some time reaching up, and have had some success, you are going to find yourself reaching out. When you realize just Who is the Master of all creation, you are going to happily tend His garden. You are going to reach out to help others in His creation discover their purpose, too.

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