Sunday, September 13, 2009


Jewish Bloggers Convention - Live

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

I attended the 2nd Annual Jewish Bloggers convention today in Jerusalem. Here's my live-blog / tweet / twoozes while there (most recent first)...

- Tova Serkin speaks as the ONLY expert on the Jewish 2.0 panel. You go girl! Serious info for online charities.

- OMG, "the wing-girl method", Orit is running dating advice at the panel. AAAAAAAHHHHHH I paid for this? Gag me with spoon.

- "To stay in Israel, a better constitution, a high paying job, and a wonderful guy". Not sure NBN, or Moshiach, can provide that.

- Shidduch in progress between Orit and Tom at the Jewish 2.0 panel????

- Yonasan Rosenblum, Jerusalem Post, Mishpacha, Cross-Currents talks about writing for the frum community. Basically, it's hard!

- @gldmeier: is his whole strategy that bloggers should do the pr? //Must be, because I can't find the Israeli govt doing any, or helping.

- Orit Afra of the LA Jewish Journal tells us about developing a social life in LA through Facebook. OMG, fur sher. Totally. oy.

- David Horovitz from the Jerusalem Post mentions while they get tremendous online traffic, it has not translated to much $$$.

- Interesting back and forth on "Ok, we need some info from the government, where do we turn." Basically no solid answer.

- Govt spokesman, "We do more Jewish stuff, especially under new govt! But news doesn't report it at all! Only shows extreme negatives!"

- Israpundit says, "What Israel PR? Can't PR their way out of a wet paper bag. Do some Jewish PR!"

- Panel mentions a number banned from Little Green Footballs, seems to have changed ideology since Obama election.

- Israel Govt Spokeman, "the next few months are major major for Israel, in an existential way."

- Muqata, "be clear, be compelling, link for sources and background." Don't be boring. Am I boring you with this today?

- Muqata, "yes, both left and right wing bloggers think they are defending Israel." Viewpoint & care are not the same thing.

- Bias presented, "Yes, Human Rights Watch is out to get us." (proof presented by Israel Matzav).

- Israeli govt spokesman, "We have the info but we must reach far out to contact people and educate". Oook.

- In the Defending Israel through Social Media session. Israeli govt spokesperson, 'We're losing the PR battle.'

- Beit Avi Chai in Jerusalem, nice building and free parking (big plus!) Nice conference rooms, but common areas are crowded.

Yishai Fleicher of Israel National News opens the session...

JBloggers 2009

Bloggers listen to the panel on Using Social Media to Get The (Israel) Word Out...

JBloggers 2009

The news media takes a group of "pretty" bloggers for a set up photo op...

JBloggers Conf 2009

The main session...

JBloggers Conf 2009

David Horovitz from The Jerusalem Post speaks to the conference...

JBloggers Conf 2009


  1. So sorry I could not be there this year(snif, snif); sure hope next year will find me in Eretz HaKodesh first of all, and then in attendance, of course WE HOPE MASHIACH COMES BEFORE THEN!

  2. thanks for the coverage akiva!
    i hope more of the jewish world wll tune into bloggers and get good information that inspires them!!


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