Wednesday, September 09, 2009

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Authentic Judaism Dogma

R. Gil at Hirhurim writes on the same dogma issue, and authentic Judaism.

Google hits being what they are, authentic Judaism is an issue.

UPDATE: Unfortunately R. Gil pulled his post offline. For my response, see my next post.


Neshama said...

I guess 'someone' didn't like the post:
"Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog Hirhurim - Musings does not exist."
BUT, if you hit the back button, you will find:

Authentic Judaism
On the advice of rabbinic counsel, and against my own judgment, I have taken down my post from the other day attempting to manipulate search results and will no longer engage in such attempts. Thank you for those who assisted. I apologize for involving you in the effort.

So, what is going on here?

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