Monday, August 17, 2009


Thank G-d when it Sucks

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Last week sucked, thank G-d. Really sucked...

My oldest daughter had her wisdom teeth out. Besides the fact the dentist quoted NIS 1,400, and it turned out to be 1,400 PER TOOTH (4 wisdom teeth out), my poor daughter was in screaming pain afterwards for almost a full week.

Next day, after oldest daughter had been moaning through the whole night, younger daughter woke up with severe strep throat. Two kids moaning through the night.

Middle of the night I woke up with a high fever, tossing and turning and sweating heavily in feverish pain. Thought I had the swine flu! Nope, only strep throat (never had it like that before). 3 family members down and counting.

Next day littlest child tried to help mop the floor. Wife turned the corner into the kitchen - now semi-flooded - slipped and fell, breaking her arm. I'm highly feverish trying to drive poor injured in serious pain wife around to the doctor, x-ray, orthopedist, pharmacy (oldest lost her pain meds), AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

(Then later my boss called needing some urgent information for a massive contract that just came up.)


And yet through this all we said thank G-d. Thank you Hashem. No, I don't understand the Divine plan of why my children had to suffer, why I had to suffer, why my wife had to suffer, and why we all had to do it at the same time.

Thank you G-d for a screaming agony of a week? What are we, crazy? Absolutely friggin' crocked? Hittin' the sauce a little heavy or still on those pain meds?

Things will happen in life. Challenges will always arise. Painful events, unexpected events, expensive events. You may think those perfect looking people across the way have a smooth easy life. If so, you've been watching too much TV. Every life has challenges.

The question will you deal with them?

For me, I thank G-d this past week was only...painful (and expensive). That there was nothing...permanent. That we were together to support each other. And that when it was over we could all say...thank G-d.


  1. Dear G-d
    Please take it a little easier on Akiva and family. He really is a good guy and needs all the help You can give him.

  2. I understand what you are saying - but one has to wonder how out-of-your-head-with-fever you were when you wrote it!

  3. G_D bless you Akiva. I hope it gets better for you. Still love this blog.

  4. Hey Akiva, you should have joined the new minian in the yeshiva Sh.T., it would have give you strenght and hope at the end of this awful week. Keep hope alive !

  5. After (please excuse me) chuckling at your wry humor while reading the events of you past week, I must express that:

    your pain and hardships have elevated you & the family from any harsh decree coming along. Each time this happens it is in lieu of something harsher, but Hashem had mercy on all of you and it all happened in one week!

    Honestly I feel for your discomfort, but iI see it as a "love-tap" from Hashem.

  6. The Rebbe always said to check your tfillin and mezuzot when a lot of bad stuff happens at once.
    Refuah shelaimah to all.

  7. We should thank God for the good and we should thank God for the bad (which is also good). God loves us and the quicker you discover why you guys had to go through that, the quicker you'll realize that it was a blessing.

    I just heard an interesting drasha about what is really do God's work. The rav said that doing mitzvahs is not the real avodah, but rather taking the challenges in life and getting over them with God's help. Kids break something - do you get angry or keep your cool and find a constructive punishment. Get into a fender bender, break a leg, get stuck at home with sick kids. All of these things force us to take a time out of our routine 'regular' life and act exceptionally. And how we act in these exceptional instances is actually who we are. We think we are in control of our lives (batting fastballs all the time with ease, but if God throws us a curve ball, it's because he still wants us to hit it well out of the park, at least out of the infield.

    I'm not trying to belittle what you went through and b'ezrat Hashem, but we should get used to really believing that 'gamzu l'tova'. Thank God that nothing is permanently broken, but b'ezrat Hashem, you guys will be able to take something good out of that bad week that will add to your permanent good we all collect along the way. (Like driving your wife to hospital feeling crappy - you could have called a cab or a friend, but you chose to put your problems aside instead). Yashir Koach!

  8. "Last week sucked, thank G-d. Really sucked" I couldn't agree more. I'm still coming to grips with what the heck happened myself

  9. I thought I had a bad morning. I woke up, rolled over, and knocked my cell phone off my bed. Next thing I hear is "splash!" Guess where my negel vasser was..

    After a panicked modeh ani I pulled it out and after several hours in the sun it B'H is now working fine.

    Anyway, thanks for putting things in perspective. Maybe kappara for my aveiros so that I avoid much worse punishment later. Who knows.

  10. great stuff.
    you looked good this shabbos!

  11. B"H
    I had a day like that a while back... but B"H everything turned out for the best (if it hadn't happened, I wouldn't be where I am now, which is very good B"H).

  12. B"H
    (Additional comment to my Anon. comment beginning, "I had a day like that..."):

    G-d bless, Reb Akiva. May you see many days of great joy, and may you (and all of us) be blessed with strong emuna and bitachon, even when things just don't seem to be going our way.

  13. Hisbodedus man. Refuah shleimah to everyone!


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