Thursday, August 27, 2009


Holy Procrastinator!

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

I was going to procrastinate, but I put it off.

Sometimes the Yetzer Hara (the evil inclination) comes upon us. We all have weaknesses, we're not tzaddikim. So the evil inclination comes upon us and says (so to speak), 'do this aveira (sin), fulfill this desire'.

This is a time where one may become a holy procrastinator. Rarely do you find the word procrastinator used in a positive way. But here...

Respond to your Yetzer Hara (evil inclination) and say, 'fine, you're right, that desire is important and I will give in to it. But not right now, just a little later. I'm too busy right now, or too lazy right now to get to it. In just a little while, ok.' And later when the foolish desire returns (foolish for all aveirot [sins] are described as coming from a ruach shtuss - a foolish spirit), 'yeah yeah, I know I need to get to that, don't worry I'll give you your due, in just a bit...'.

And if one puts it off through Mincha time? Then you've gotten through the day! The day ends, and you haven't committed that sin!

What about tomorrow? Don't worry about tomorrow, deal with today. After all, we've all put stuff off for a day. Dealing with a day is within reach. Tomorrow's another day, and we'll deal with that day when it comes and with Hashem's help.

Have a good day!


  1. Reb Naty,
    thank you for such a great post; that I know understand how to use procrastination in a positive way… Have a good Shabbos, and refua shelema ve SHANA TOVa
    Alex – x - eli

  2. Is Akiva and Reb Nati going to Uman ?


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