Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Dovid’s Lyre

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

This instrument was designed and hand-crafted by Gutman

King Dovid played his music on a ten stringed-instrument. When the Moshiach comes, at first he will play on an eight-stringed instrument, then later, and in the World to Come, the music will be played on a ten-stringed instrument. What are we to learn from this?

King Dovid lived in a world filled with tremendous good and extreme evil. He had to contend with the best of G-d’s love, and the worst of man’s behavior. As far as behavior goes, this is the full spectrum of the world’s palette.

When the Moshiach comes he will bring a world of joy, song and peace. The entire world will be filled with the knowledge of G-d’s most glorious presence. The lowest aspects of life will be removed. His music will be played on the higher, most lovely strings.

The World to Come will bring the ultimate fulfillment of the entire creation. This will be an entirely spiritual world.[i] In that world the laws of nature will no longer prevail. What will be there is unknowable to mankind. This most mystical and holy world will bring not only the higher, most lovely strings, but the lowest of the lowest strings as well.

In the World to Come we will see that those things that we experienced as evil in this world were actually sent for the good. Since those evil things were sent to fulfill a needed and holy purpose, even though we could not see it at the time, they too are holy. This elevates these “lower” things from being evil to being holy. In the spiritual world all of the world’s perspectives will be understood and fulfilled. When it is known why those lower things came, they too can be present in that spiritual world, and not simply eliminated as they were in the golden age of the Moshiach. This is why the lower two stings will be returned.

Since the time Adam when he ate of the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, this knowledge has been filling the world. It is in each of us today. It is only with great effort that we can rise above judging the evil we see and return to seeing all creation as Adam saw it before he ate that fruit. Since at that stage he had not yet tasted of the concept of good or evil, everything he experienced was seen to be simply the way G-d wanted things to be. It was all just G-d’s beautiful handiwork

Knowing that in the end we will understand the purpose of evil makes it somewhat easier to deal with it today. So, for instance, instead of cursing the evil, pray that it will either turn to the good, or simply disappear.

Here's a sample of Reb Gutman's music from the lyre...

[i] Gemora Sanhedrin 91b


Anonymous said...

Where is the sample of the music?

just me said...

that was beautiful music. I can't wait for Moshiach to play! That was such a lovely sound. thank you for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that beautiful music!!

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