Sunday, July 26, 2009


A Tzadik Says: Hang On!

The following was heard directly from a known tzadik. This was in a private conversation, not a public pronouncement, and is edited and annotated for readability... (No, we're not identifying who.)

Last year we (the gedolim & tzaddikim) really thought Moshiach was here. (There was a young man who was recognized as having the right credentials who was imbued with a spirit of understanding far beyond his years.) Many gedolim and tzaddikim went and attended his words.

To our great misfortune, he was found to be false. Those who became close were in real danger at this trick of the Other Side. (Fortunately Shamayim protected the general public and this person was not 'revealed'.)

We are still recovering from this spiritual test and there are more to come. We believe those who are not awake will receive a false messiah this year and many will fall prey to this. We must be careful to protect ourselves from this. We may find ourselves standing alone.

All we can do is pray and try to connect people with Hashem.

We see the world is turning against the Jew once again. They want to expel Hashem and destroy those who hold on to Torah and truth. But the even greater danger is from within. Those of our own people will be the ones to hand us over to be tried.

We must focus on connecting with Hashem, to just hang on (so to speak). It is not a time of logical arguments and political processes. Rather, it's a time to keep your head down and not be distracted from the Torah of truth.

The klipah exists close to the kedushah, for such is required to provide free will. Even our holy organizations (yeshivot, charities) have within them influence and negative forces from the Other Side. Some of this is unavoidable as there are among our people those not connected to the emes, but we must guard against it growing strong. This is Hashem's way and understanding is not ours.

We must not look at what some people have fallen into and condemn the place. We must use the tools of Torah and the holy teachings of our Rebbe's and Gaonim, for ourselves and especially for all the klal.

Those who are striving should know, the truth is a lonely place.


s said...

very true, we must hold on to Hashem

Devash said...

Mashiach is not going to be a Hareidi Jew. He will be someone that every Jew can relate to. And he is not going to be found in a yeshiva. Because of the lowness of this generation, he has been hidden very deeply from the SA. Think Moshe Rabeinu hidden first in Paro's palace and then as a shepherd in Midyan. Think David HaMelech suspected of being a mamzer, ridiculed, hunted, a shepherd, a warrior. THIS is going to be Mashiach Tzidkeinu. He's not in the Beit Medrash. He's out with the "sheep."

Anonymous said...

So, you walk up to a Tzadik, who is wise beyond his years, and you think that he might just be Moshiach. So, you ask him, "Are you Melech HaMoshiach?" If he is indeed wise beyond his years, then he'll tell you, "Stop looking for Moshiach and start being Moshiach. What? You think HaMoshiach's going to bring about HaGeulah all by himself?"

Shiloh said...

Devash, you are completely correct. He will have a story, just like that of Moshe, he will be ridiculed beyond comprehension by the "religious" like David. This false one mentioned above, I could have told them this, and there was one mentioned by Nati on this blog that was to reveal himself last year. I laughed and advised that only haShem will reveal him to us. Only haShem! If any come out that haShem has not revealed publically to Orthodox Jews, consider him a false messiah, from the other side.
He will live amoung us, suffering the woes of our nation. He will be very ill for many many years and will be able to feel when he is being slandered by us. He will be revealed by haShem, concealed by haShem and hopefully soon enough, revealed for the last time.

We are causing his suffering, we are causing him to be considered the lowest of the low. Because we are as a Nation simply this way.

Remember this, haShem decides who the Mashiach is. End of story!!! Not what some books say, or halachot. He, Blessed be He, will send what we need NOT what we think we need. Hope you can grasp that when you go into shock.

Shavua tov to all.

Anonymous said...

Moshiach ben Yosef will be the FIRST to be revealed.

josh said...

and how is Hashem going to reveal him? Press conference? Headlines in Yediot. How will I know that Hashem is revealing the 'One'? Will Hashem speak to us or you?

Anonymous said...

moshiach ben yosef is in every generation. we are in need of the appearence of moshe moshiach and ben dovid only come after everything is rectified. I belive the Rebbe was eliyahu as he came and spoke about mosiach asfter many years not hearing anything so now we are in the midst of the final contractions and we will soon witness the breaking of the water and the crowning of the head but there is an easier way

Anonymous said...

How will we know? Rambam has given us the criteria from halakha, we just have to use that as a test! It is not a mystery or a gray area, it is yes or no, does the person meet the criteria given in halakha.

Shiloh said...

Last Anon, the Rambam gave us a list! Don't you think that the Mashiach, being the representitive of haShem, would be chosen based on the criteria of haShem, not the Rambam, who incedently said that any prophet that comes against the rabbi's is to be killed. Give me a break already. You believe the rabbi's are higher then haShem, don't think so!

Josh, like I mentioned, he will be identified by haShem to a group of Orthodox Jews which will include Rabbi's from the 3 major groups. He will "speak" via nature to them, in Israel, in three historically signifigant locations. The only way that you personally will know is if you would be present when it happens and witness it. This way we will know who the real one will be and not follow another false one. The person would at that point be revealed, then concealed for a time, to be revealed. The war of GogUmagog must take place though.

The bottom line, we must look to haShem, not men.

josh said...

What are the three groups of rabbis?

Are the rabbis are going to be prophets?

Who and what is the Hashem you are talking about? Is this a guru or something? Talking through 'nature'? Gotta be moer specific, my Hashem is nature, so I want to know what nature your Hashem is.

josh said...

I miss Nava. I hope all is well.

Shiloh said...

Josh, Modern Orthodox, Charedi and Chabad. Prophets, not for me to decide. Nature, specifically thundering on a clear day in three locations in Israel. It will be the result of the last verse of Ovadiah. Same haShem Josh, there is only One.

Anonymous said...

The initials of the fake moshiach are I. S.

ronny said...

Way to be preachy and mindlessly hateful Devash.

While you're at it, why don't you just call them "pharisees"?

Shiloh said...

Ronny, Devash said nothing hateful. He only clarified the Truth. So, the Pharisees invented whom the Mashiach will be. Stop for a minute and think, haShem will decide who represents him. Not some halachot of invention. Take your head out of the sand.

ronny said...


No, it was hateful. Because it excluded Haredi Jews as being some unworthy "other". It implied that an ordinary Jew can't relate to the common humanity and common holiness found in both him and the Haredi Jew. It also was derogatory to the common Jew. Implying that he is not a holy wonder in this world. When the truth is, the average cab driver in Jerusalem is a wise and righteous man. So Devash was being hateful.

And you do not get to make your point by gratuitously insulting me either brother. Which is also a hateful thing to do. I never insulted you, nor did I insult a group you belong to.

I am also guilty of that insensitivity. The trouble with the internet is that you can't see the other person's face and hear the tone of their voice. So sometimes a clever insult seems appropriate when it isn't. So I will give you the benefit of the doubt and forgive you in advance.

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